Saturday , July 24 2021

Morning after: ISS is dirty

It's nice if you want things.Huawei has opened a 5G modem for sale, but only for Apple

The source with knowledge of the situation has confirmed to Engadget that Huawei is now open for the sale of 5G Balong 5000 chips, but only one company: Apple. This would be a big change for a Chinese company, but the striking change of heart is really important, because Apple seems to be in a strong position with its only modem supplier, Intel. Recent reports have pointed to problems with chip production, and Apple could come up with the 5G iPhone next year.

Yes, there is a dark mode.Microsoft releases the first Chrome-based edge browser test

Microsoft has released its first test versions of the new Chromium-powered Edge browser on Windows 10. Edge also supports Chrome extensions and Microsoft extension store extensions.

With a little practice, Nick Summers transformed it into less than 15 seconds.Gocycle GX is a head-turning e-bike that folds into a flash

Gocycle has redesigned the folding mechanism and claims that GX can be divided into less than 10 seconds. Unlike previous models, you don't have to remove the wheels. You just switch the switch and fold the frame halfway so that both wheels are facing each other. Dropping down the corner and booming – you can scroll it like a suitcase.

If you have to ask "how much", then you can't afford it.Bang and Olufsen's glorious OLED TV has "wing" speakers folded

Samsung and Huawei pull-out smartphones can't be entertained. Bang and Olufsen's Beovision Harmony is its latest high-end TV design that uses the 77-inch LG OLED TV (a nice choice, right there), packed in a very stylish frame and audio package that feels somewhere between the pop-up book mechanism and butterfly.

Call Staphylococcus aureus and Enterobacter.ISS searches for unpleasant bacteria

"ISS is a hermetically sealed closed system that is subject to microgravity, radiation, increased carbon dioxide and air recirculation through HEPA filters, and is considered an" extreme environment ", Kasthuri Venkateswaran, senior researcher at NASA. Jet Propulsion Laboratory. This is where the bacteria develop, and surprisingly, the new study found that ISS is living with pathogens like those who searched around your local gym.

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