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Moms who leave the placenta at Mississauga Park say that the investigation was "the biggest misunderstanding"

Kayla Goodfield,

Published Wednesday, November 28, 2018 at. 22.46 EST

Last updated Wednesday, November 28, 2008, 2018

A 27-year-old mother who posted her placenta, umbilical cord and cap in the Mississauga Park for "holistic purposes" said that the police investigation on this issue was "the greatest misunderstanding".

Natasha Das Gupta told her she was left with CP24 for her postpartum Sugar Maple Woods Park in Duncairn and Glen Erin, one year after she was home to his daughter, Indica.

"I wanted to do something with nature," she said. "I not only wanted to throw it in the waste, but the composting tank was not a better choice. I wanted to do something really beautiful and carefree, and simply transfer something natural back to nature."

"I had a birthplace at home, and it was a very beautiful, calm, natural experience, and it has plenty of possibilities to reflect on what we really are when we arrive at such a great start as a natural birth, and things just start to come back to you again , who feel good and meaningful, and for me this (placing postpartum items in the park) really was something that felt right and it made sense to end this chapter. "

Das Gupta said she had been given her from her midwife after her birth, she had a plastic dish when she moved from Brantford to Mississauga. In her old home she had items that were stored in a deep freezer, but since she had less space in her new home, she kept a dish in her kitchen freezer.

After thinking about how to deal with postpartum matters, Das Gupta decided to bring them to the mysterious park on Friday evening where she once saw a welcoming play.

"Some people immediately put it (a placenta) after drying and consumed it, some are preparing it, some people spend it untreated, many women are trying to find a way to get nutrients from their Plaken and in my case, because it was frozen for me For a year, I think it was not in the most advantageous place, so it's time to bury it and put it back on the ground, because the land does not get a lot of nutrition from something that is so nutritious, "she said.

Park officials were contacted by Peel Regional Police at around. 15:50. on a "suspicious incident" on Monday.

The investigators said that the man who was walking his dog at that time reached "birth evidence" in the area.

The discovery prompted the search for her mother and her baby, as the police said she was afraid that she might be in danger in need of medical help.

Das Gupta said she was in touch with the police, when her mother said to her, "Your post has all the details."

"This is a daunting thing that some people are facing and I'm the only person who does not have such a perspective because I actually know what happened and I finally called the police and I said," hey, I have some information about you you find in the woods "and they said:" Well, what is it? "and I said:" It's mine. ""

"That's not a bad thing, it's nothing dangerous," Das Gupta told the CP24. "A woman was born in the same woods at night – it did not happen. I just touched that people were worried about me."

Das Gupta said that the police had carefully talked about her after speaking with her. She said she had provided a DNA sample to check her belongings.

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