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Mobvoi TicWatch E2 offers a compelling package of $ 160 [hands-on]

For some people it is a complete robbery, paying $ 400 for a smartwatch. Of course, it is still not close to the cost of some of today's ultra-premium smartphones at around $ 1,000, but $ 400 is still quite an investment. Then again, there is Mobvoi TicWatch E2, which is a Wear OS that runs on a smartwatch that can be picked up for just $ 160!

The savings you will receive with TicWatch E2 are undoubtedly what consumers will appreciate, especially those who start working on a limited budget. The low price would be suspicious as people tend to automatically consider it to be cheap, worse built over some more expensive offers. However, this is not the case because TicWatch E2 only offers all the convenience offered by other current Wear OS smartwatches.

Visually speaking, you could argue that the design is as bland and generic as it is with a polycarbonate design that includes large chassis that look small for small hands. Nevertheless, we appreciate how it is lifted to prevent the 1.39 inch 400 x 400 AMOLED display from coming into contact with other surfaces. This is best done with a waterproof assessment of 5 ATMs that will allow it to survive up to 50 meters. For those who plan to use it for all workout procedures, it's great to know that TicWatch E2 will be able to withstand it.

Usually smartwatches, which are low priced, are usually missing, but again this is not what we get with TicWatch E2. In fact, it's pretty much all about Bluetooth 4.1, Wi-Fi, GPS + Glonass and even a heart rate sensor to give users important information. Although TicWatch E2 is equipped with the Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, it is still capable of providing a responsive experience. However, the only downside is that we will not get the long battery life promised by the latest Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor announced last autumn. However, if you look up for 2 days, it's not too shabby!

Don't forget the TicWatch E2 on the other, as it is out of the gate with a $ 160 price point! A new smartwatch, it offers a solid value offered because the package has serious compromises. Yes, design is not the most attractive or the highest offer, but if it has the same experience and performance as other smartwatches that are easy for US $ 200, it just confirms TicWatch E2's rich value packages!

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