Friday , October 22 2021

Mayor of Gatineau, Que, wants the deputy mayor to be removed from Islamophobia


Mayor of Gatineau, Que, wants one of his advisers to be removed from his deputy position after she said that Islamophobia does not exist and that Muslim immigrants are not integrated into society.

Le Droit, Gatineau Coun. Nathalie Lemieux said she did not believe that Islamophobia existed and did not recognize the word. She said Quebecers were not as racist as some people.

She replied to the Quebec Premier comments François Legault, who said there was no need for anti-Islamophobia in the province, because there was no problem in Quebec.

Since then, he has returned to his comments and said that there is no racism in the province.

Lemieux has not responded to Radio-Canada interview requests.

She told Le Droit when people want to integrate, and Muslim immigrants have chosen not to. She said they were also doing bad things with their lorries and it is normal to fear them.

Gatineau Coun. Nathalie Lemieux, seen here in 2017, has been fired to comment on the local French newspaper Le Droit, in which she said she did not believe in Islamophobia. (Radio – Canada)

Mayor wants to change

Gatineau Mayor Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin replied on Friday saying he wanted Lemieux to be removed as a mayor.

He said he was talking to other counselors about making changes.

"I think she can no longer sit as a deputy mayor. It is sad to me because it contradicts everything we have tried in Gatineau over the last few years," he said.

He said it reduced to the city.

"We have a tradition of welcoming different people from different cultures," he said. "I'm sure things are actually better than other cities."

Normalizes hate

Ahmed Limame, imam Outaouais in the center of Islam, said Lemieux's allegations of offensive. (Radio – Canada)

Ahmed Limame, imam Outaouais in the Islamic center, said Lemieux's comments were offensive.

"It is this kind of statement that normalizes hate against others," she said. "It's offensive and unforgiving."

He said that he did not want her to resign but would like her to apologize and withdraw her comments.

"She is still a man I don't want her to lose her job. However, I would like her to come back and look for her soul and think about the result."

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