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Mark Madden: Coyne Schofield-McGuire exchange was awkward, nothing more


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Kendall Coyne Schofield-Pierre McGuire's fiasco on the NBC Sports Network did nothing on Wednesday night.

If you are just adjusting, the US women's hockey player Coyne Schofield made his debut as an analyst for the NBCSN NHL coverage, especially between the Tampa Bay and the Host Wines. McGuire introduced Coyne Schofield's fashion, some of which were called leaps, but mostly awkward: "We pay you for an analyst so we don't have a fan tonight."

Or was it "mansplaining?" Or was McGuire's attempt to humor fall?

I'd say the last one. McGuire is a good guy. Even if he were not, he was not dumb enough to deliberately mislead Coyne Schofield about his debut. That didn't mean McGuire.

Coyne Schofield seems to have covered McGuire with no bad will when they were in the Penguin locker.

After the "awakened" hockey industry became one of McGuire, both sides dealt with the class and character.

Coyne Schofield said she "didn't think twice" about the exchange when it happened, but admitted it was uncomfortable: "If I looked at it at home … I would have been offended." But Coyne Schofield referred to McGuire as a friend.

McGuire issued a statement saying, "My excitement was better for me, and I had to choose better words. I have the greatest respect for Kendall. ”

It should end.

McGuire is a well-known and effective hockey player. Coyne Schofield's first air appearance was predictable flawed – a lot of credit for Eddie Olichik for having had to pay attention to some rough places – but it was promised. The Olympic Gold Medal gives credibility. Her presence ensures a variety of NBC Sports hockey coverage.

Full Disclosure: I initially saw when NBC Sports leased Coyne Schofield after she took part in the fastest skating competition at the NHL All-Star Skills. Coyne Schofield finished seventh out of eight, but her lap was undoubtedly electric.

Coyne Schofield finished north-east with B.A. communications. But this is not the reason why NBC Sports leased them.

NBC Sports leased Coyne Schofield because of his skating on the skating rink, which created a gentle speed.

It is an odd and rather immediate way to become an analyst on public television. Before the skill competition, being a fan was Coyne Schofield's only connection to NHL. The part McGuire said was right.

But it does not differ from how men ex-jock gets the same job.

Tony Romo did not pay his small market fees before becoming a network football analyst. He played at Dallas and immediately joined CBS. The only controversy was that he immediately became CBS Analyst 1.

Coyne Schofield is not Robin Roberts. Romo is not Heywood Hale Broun. Neither were they recruited to exchange broadcasting knowledge but about their name and fame. Everything is about how viewers turn on their televisions and feel involved in the program.

Romo does that. Coyne Schofield has the opportunity to follow.

McGuire's indecent soliloquy unwittingly was Coyne Schofield in favor: It got her in the community, and sympathetically light, the first night of her broadcasting career.

The hockey community mostly allowed McGuire and Coyne Schofield to quickly manage the consequences. Other great time sports do not do it. They have an unpleasant resemblance to the disease. Hockey went on. No one was offended by Coyne Schofield when she was not offended.

McGuire and Coyne Schofield are valuable hockey. I'm not "mansplaining", but you'll be a fool to not see it.

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