Friday , June 2 2023

Maple Leafs will demolish the devils the first back to back home win


TORONTO – The way things went wrong last spring – guilty and anger and misfortune between triple leads 7. Play – you do not blame Toronto Maple Leafs for friday if their mind was half the Saturday reprisal in Boston TD's garden and return to crime scene.

Bruins is a strong domain opponent and architect of Toronto's two most aggressive collapse. Despite the controversy of the small goalkeepers, Boston has again won (8-5-2) again and should fight Leafs again to find one of the two Atlantic spots.

On Friday night, a few points were separated by Mapleafes from the Bruins divisions, while the recent funk was delayed by New Jersey Devils in the Metropolitan Basement.

But for all the trains to look forward, both the coach star Mike Babcock and Frederik Andersen, as well as the performance of 18 skateboards in front of him, contradicted.

The result? 6-1 Demolition from Devils, as evidenced by Martin Brodeur and the rest of the glorified 2018 Hockey Hall of Fame, and back-to-back wins home ice for the first time this season.

"Soon, when you look at what's going on with you? They come in and they just beat you. You do not touch the wheel. I think we've got this hour already a couple of times," said Babchok.

"The other thing is, I think we have pushed our home more. We are not so free. In the last game we found a way to win the game. [versus Vegas].

"We want to build it and succeed at home."

There is no better way to do this with a bunch of Babcock to turn the best performance into this building, since it was renamed the Scotiabank Arena. (Of course, a very average opponent helps.)

John Tavaresz in the first round opened the scoring given to Ron Hinesey's food, and the team that fought hard to instantly win the ship was now ranked first in three fair games and is the first rider of 6-0-0 blood.

Toronto pours it into the second frame by handing the buttons to the bunches of the former New Jersey double starter Kate Kinkida.

At the beginning of the competition, Andreas Johnson, On Lindholm and Konora Brown's third line of pages only had three gates, and one of them was released on an empty network.

This trio has shown a brilliant life since Auston Matthews dropped with his shoulder injury in late October and had a mini explosion, such as those they supplied to Jersey.

"We can not count on it [the top six] each game. We need to raise and play a couple of goals, "said Jonesson." I feel we are creating prospects, but you should put it on the net at the end of the day. "

After Nazem Kadri patched Patrick Marleau's flight and defeated Kinkidu high, Braun won his second place at two nights from pretty Lindholm feed.

"Brownie – at any time when you feel like you are a goalkeeper and you have no results, I think it probably eats a bit. I think the last two games have been their real position," said Babchok. "We would like them to become heavier and spend more time in the O-Zone, but I think it's just a matter of time."

Some hard work Blake Coleman triggered Travis Zajac's rebound goal, and Devils's third-line center has quietly leaked to 11 points a year already.

But just then the Jersey recovery started and ended.

As always, Andersen has separated himself from the rocks at MVP Taylor Hall, and smiled the skin with the Sami Vatanen slaffer road for another 30-plus saving result.

Cue "Fred-die!" Songs.

Morgan Rielly added his leadership to the Rocket Richard race (Defensemen's Division), swiming the muffin from the point that Kinkaid had never seen flying over his shoulder. Rielly, who never reached the double-digit number in the target column, has seven before the season.

Johnson bolted on his chest and was rewarded with his first year, and the relief that washes his face was detectable from the nasal blowers.

"It's hard to spiritually," Johnsson recently acknowledged his search for confidence. "Too often it's not there."

Then, just in a quandary, Tyler Ennys got out of service without waste.

Caution Cory Schneider: Feel free to come back and play as your healthy self any time soon.

For the first time in the whole season, Maple Leafs received material input from each of its four lines – breaking mail, which they should well keep on a Friday night signed with Boston.

"It's just about staying with it. As soon as you get frustrated, you can get off-road," said Braun, who is now on the road.

"During this time it's important to play the depth."

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