Sunday , March 7 2021

Lorde just called Kanye and Kid Cudi for their similar stage designs

Kanye and Cudi co-project Kids See Ghosts premiere last night.

New Zealand's Queen and the perfect pop angel Lorde has called Kanye West and Kid Cudi's collaborative project Kids See Ghosts to copy scenography from her recently Melodrama trip.

On his Instagram Story earlier this morning, Lorde posted a series of photos comparing the floating box aesthetics he traveled around the world at the beginning of this year, with an almost identical high-end set debuting last night with Kids View Ghosts first live broadcast.

In the last frame, Lorde writes: "I am proud of the work that I am doing, and it is flattering when other artists inspire their feelings, as long as they choose to try the same. But do not steal – not from women or others – in 2018 or ever. "

The Melodrama The journey was first launched at the end of 2017 and is currently packed this month, and most of them show last year that includes a fishtank-type device.

Although the Children Watch Ghosts platform seems to be a bit longer than Lorde's, it's hard to ignore the similarities of the dang. Last night was the first live show of the show, and although it is not planned to fully organize the KSG trip, it's hard to imagine that they will create such a huge set of events as in just one of the festival's styles.

Kanye and Kid Cudi are still publicly commenting on Lorde's call because the Internet is currently divided, whether it's a fact of plagiarism or simply a more evidence-driven cycle of ideas:

In any case, I bet I have not heard the last of it.

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