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Looks like Justin Bible just started a line of clothing

Justin Bieber seems to have joined celebrities with clothing lines ™.

Since Drew House is officially living.

Last February, Bieber submitted documents to protect the trade marks THE HOUSE OF DREW, LA MAISON DREW and DREW, which were probably inspired by Bieber's middle name.

What is … wait … Drew.

And now, almost a year later, Drew House doors are finally open.

Bieber teased fans by sending a photo of Instagram on Christmas Day featuring slippers with a smiley face on them and a gold chain made by he captioned from the account of the Drew House.

And the Drew House account is filled with these yellow smiles. It is also filled with grainy, ring and video materials, as well as photos that look ultra cool and cool and comfortable in costumes that fit perfectly in the sofa in which they are located.

Hailey (wife Biebs, but you already knew it) shared her excitement in the Instagram story. She put on a line of clothing with the words "proud wifey".


Hailey Rhode Bieber / Instagram Stories

So, if you are looking to rebuild your wardrobe with camel-colored goods that are embossed with a smile that resembles a potential child of love between Nirvana and Walmart, you know where to go.


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