Thursday , January 27 2022

Look at the Chinese probe land on the far side of the moon


On January 2, China became the first country to launch spacecraft on the far side of the moon (not on the dark side) when it gently touches the surface of its Chang e-4 probe. Now the Chinese space agency has released landing materials.

A short video shows that a robot floating on the moon's surface suddenly leaned down to land (at one point) before a safe touch in the new house – the Von Kármán crater. There Lander released a rider, Yutu-2, to explore the land around the landing site.

Chang & # 39; e-4 probe is part of a series of missions by the Chinese National Space Administration to explore the Moon surface that began in 2007 with the Chang & # 39; e-1 orbit, and in 2010, Chang & # 39; -2 orbit and Chang & # 39; e-3 unloading point, which successfully hit the moon's side in 2013. The fifth mission to get to the surface and return samples to the Earth is completed in a year.

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