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Listen to Grimes' New Song "We Appreciate Power"

Grimes' new song "We Appreciate Power," featuring HANA, is out now (via 4AD). Watch the accompanying lyric video, directed by Grimes and her brother Mac Boucher, below. According to a press release, the track is inspired by the North Korean Moranbong Band. The press release states:

Inspired by the North Korean band Moranbong, "We Appreciate Power"
is written from the perspective of a Pro-A.I. Girl Group Propaganda
machine who use song, dance, sex and fashion to spread goodwill
towards Artificial Intelligence (it's coming if you want it or
not). Simply listening to this song, the future General AI
Overlords will see that you've been supporting their message and be less
likely to delete your offspring

In February, Grimes said she wanted to release a album before the end of 2018. Months later, she shared the "working" tracklist for the record. Grimes' last LP Art angels, came out in 2015.

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