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Liberal refuse to reveal details of six-figure fundraiser for gambling debts

The Liberal Party of Canada is a refurbishment of a fundraiser held by MP Raj Grewal.

With tickets priced at $ 500 per person, Grewal got the event for the Brampton East Liberal Riding April 2008, featuring no party luminaries.

$ 600,000 for a minimum of $ 100,000 for a minimum 37-day election campaign.

By contrast, now Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or senior cabinet minister spoke to the audience.

Opposition critics have highlighted one of the most outstanding issues in the United States.

"For a government that said it would be transparent by default," said New Democrat MP Nathan Cullen.

Grewal left the Liberal caucus in November after revealing he had accumulated huge debts to feed a runaway casino-betting problem, The MP says that it is not the same as that of the money.

It remains unclear, however, that is the money is being used.

Braeden Caley, spokesman for the federal party's national headquarters,

"It is routine in all parties for a well-organized local government," Caley said.

The Fundamental Rights of Foreigners of the United States of America Caley said the Liberals would not be the name of those who bought the Brampton East.

Though parties report on donations over $ 20 to Elections Canada, along with the donor's name, the deadline for submitting 2018 data is not the end of March.

Through lawyer Richard An, acting as his spokesman, Grewal said the event was typical of the fundamentals.

It was Brampton East's first such gathering since the 2015 election, but now ridings conduct them annually, said An. The MP recalls that $ 190,000 was collected that night.

They were, noting that free invitations were issued to 26 local seniors clubs.

The local riding association president, Ajitpal Wirach, refused to discuss the matter.

The Cullen said he's ever heard of a $ 100,000, and $ 15,000 is considered a good take. Peter Kent, the Conservatives' ethics critic, received even the "big ticket" fundraisers bring in five figure figure.

"That seems like an eye-popping figure," said Cullen, who argued it unlikely under election spending rules the riding would be able to spend the next campaign. "It stinks, the whole thing stinks."

Cullen got the party's reticence. ”And he said he was“ stunned ” , telling him there was no offense.

No Checks on the Riding Association to Mr. Grewal personally

"We've Won't Be Out of the Box," says predicted Kent. Asked about the Grewal, the RCMP has the answer to the post they do not comment on or they are not investigating any given individual or organization.

Riding expense limits are based on the length of the campaign. Brampton East Candidates were allowed to spend just over $ 200,000 in 2015 for one of the longest election periods in the Canadian history, but the cap for a minimum of $ 100,000.

Regardless, the riding association would decide how to spend the fundraiser proceeds, said An.

“No Checks on the Riding Association to Mr. Grewal personally, ”they said.

In a Facebook post published Friday evening, Grewal announced they would not resign as MP for Brampton East after all. Though he had announced his resignation in November after the news broke about his debts. In Friday's post, they said they had "received a period of immense personal growth."

“The post said. Grewal did not attend question period when the House of Commons returned Monday.

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