Friday , October 22 2021

Kim Kardashian's Sweet Birthday Baby Stormi's photo causes some controversy


Kim Kardashian shared his beloved Stormi Webster's beloved photo Instagram on Friday. At the post she wanted a child, Stormi, who became 1 on February 1 happy birthday and was called "sweetest girl".

The picture shows the daughter of Stormi and Kim, Chicago, who meets pink baby walkers. Surprisingly, most of the comments on this item concerned how clever both girls were and how they looked like sisters. Chicago and Stormi are very close to age, and Chicago celebrates its first birthday just two weeks before her younger cousin. But some people discovered a reason to criticize a seemingly harmless post.

Some people thought that Kim first handed over his daughter

Some people thought that Kim's photography was too much focused on himself
girl and not enough Stormi.

"Storm's [face] is a little blocked and she's not even
in the chamber. Sad. Even if Kylie doesn't mind, it is selfish in Kim's deal, ”
wrote one. "It's not how you honor your sister's baby," wrote
the other.

Kim's supporters said Kylie wasn't even
to recognize Chicago's birthday in social media. “Oh, well… Kylie wasn't even
put everything on Chicago's birthday so I would have done the same for Kim
did, ”wrote one person.

Others were concerned about the security of Chicago and Storm

Kylie Jenner and Child Stormi
Kylie Jenner and Child Stormi | Kylie Jenner through Instagram

Some people also pointed out what they saw as the unsafe parenting of Kim and Kylie.

"The low key highlights me as no one has said about it
pedestrians, for example, are very unsafe and recommended for all
a pediatrician with a license to practice, ”wrote one person.

Other people commented. "Walkers are pretty bad,"
one pointed out. "These walkers are illegal in Canada," said another. One
the person collected the story in the photo as "super dangerous!"

Are baby walkers safe?

Critics do not fully support their call. The
The American Academy of Pediatrics has called for a ban on baby walkers. Infants
can fall down the stairs, fall out of the walker or get easier access
using devices, organizations noted.

The AAP said that the number of corner-related injuries has fallen below the tighter safety standard and the fact that fewer parents use them. In 2014, about 2,000 children arrived in the emergency service, as injuries were a possibility for a walker. It is from over 20,000 such injuries in 1990. However, the medical association says it would be safer if they were not sold at all. Since 2004, baby walkers have been banned in Canada.

Instead of a wheeler, Mayo
Clinic recommends
parents use a stationary game or activity center.
They look like pedestrians but do not move. Instead, the child can boast
and down and turn it in the seat. “They will allow your child to play safely
he or she learns to walk, ”said Mayo.

For Stormi's mother Kylie, she seems to be excited
celebrating her girl's first birthday.

"As I am so happy that I have such a sweet, cute, happy child," she wrote on Instagram. “I couldn't dream of you, a storm. I want you to stay a little forever, and I could protect this sticky smile and laugh at you.

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