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Kawhi-less Raptors blows the Bulls to stop losing the bar


CHICAGO – "Where is Jordan when we need it?" Asked the Bulls fan is sitting close to pushing a row at a late Toronto 122-83 breakthrough Saturday night.

Even Air Jordan might not be able to keep that one close as a short hand, but the determined Raptors group avoided losing four straight games for the first time in almost two full years.

Kawhi Leonard had a rest, OG Anunoby, CJ Miles and Norman Powell were injured and Kyle Lowry lost ankle injury in the third quarter, but Toronto is never threatened. The Chicago team lacks the top players Zach LaVine and Lauri Markkanen as well as other major players. 13-point midfielder, thanks to the 9-0 Raptors games to start the third quarter, caused by Sergey Ibaka's blocking of shots and point shots.

In franchise history it was the fourth largest winner.

After a night when Boston was allowed to play a field goal during this season's season, Toronto held the Bulls at only 33% at the shooting time, while shooting at better than 50%. Toronto was played by all 12 clothing players, including Montreal Chris Boucher, who dominated the G-League Raptors 905.

Illinois local Fred VanVleet spiked by 18 points, Danny Grin was 17, hit all seven of his shot shots, Ibaka was 16, Pascal Siakam – 12 points, eight repetitions and five assistants. No Chicago player scored more than 12 points.


Fred VanVleet started with so many wings when Danny Green dropped forward.

"Here's what I hope: Freddy has not played his standards, so we hope that maybe this start will give him a little shots in his hand and will allow him to move a bit," Sister explained, the game

This was exactly what happened in the first quarter when VanVleet scored 8 points in the first nine minutes.

"He is a huge player, he has struggled with little baby things, but he's super tough and wants to get out there," Nurse said.

The Boston nurse said that the disease does not allow VanVleet to play as he likes.

VanVleets finished the top 18 in the season at the start of the NBA (not including repetitions).


Insulation basketball is ugly, it's usually tedious and overcomes the game – working in a team to play baskets.

However, this is still what super-stars teams do during the crisis, and what Raptors, like the rest of the league, seem to deserve to continue moving forward. Give Kawhi a ball and get out of the way.

So far, the strategy is 0-for-2. It did not work so well when DeMar DeRozan was either a Dwane Casey recipient. In the last show in Boston, everyone in the building knew what was coming, partly because Kyle Lowy walked from the central court to the corner with his head leaning completely out of play.

The nurse said, making sure Toronto gets the last beat and does not give the opponent any chance to win the game, is the key.

"It's just human to man and you hope your boyfriend can make a basket and we have a lot of faith in him that he can," Nurse said.

Green certainly had no problems with it.

"This is a pretty damned good shot if you ask me, depending on who you isolate," said Green.

"We have a guy who is very good at it. Regardless of whether it comes from the screen or not, he is isolated and he liked it well. We will live with these opportunities." As we said earlier and we were awarded, that we are not the NBA head coach, then what do we know? If you want to go on a safe route and go to ISO with a great player like Leonard, wait a little bit of a movement or activity before the game, not everyone standing.


This season, Toronto improved to 4-0 in the second round of the game, which was an incredibly strong record in these difficult races.

"We think we're pretty deep, we've tested our depth when we have three or four guys, but also other teams. Look at these guys." There are teams that have (players), there's no excuse. 17 players and they all are NBA players and you have to try to play them well when they go out. "


Anunoby sat for precautionary reasons after spraining his arm at the autumn night before. This is the same hand that Anunnoby broke in high school, but he said he was fine. Nurse expects Anunoby to return to Tuesday's Orlando game. C.J. Miles said that his status would be determined after Monday's practice and Tuesday's shootaorund … A few more things from the Boston Games: It was best that Celtics was shot from the floor this season; It was Quiry Ireland's first career 40 points, 10 assistant performance, and he could have had around 15 assistants if his teammates did not have a bricked boatload of first-hand options. Since 2001, no Celtic player has located 40 and 10 numbers. This was the first time Leonard lost the game against Boston in his career.


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