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Kanye West says Drake "I was in danger" by phone, released dozens of new tweets

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Kanye West has much to do with his mind and cares little about the number of characters in Twitter.

The West opened more than ten tweets (and counts) targeting Drake Thursday afternoon. The rapper had "watched Jesus" had promised Drake to smooth things up, but he seemed unable to overcome his fall with Canadian power.

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"You still need an apology to commemorate the age of 350 and try to feed your idols in the mouth of children," Yeezy tweeted on Thursday afternoon. "I've tried to meet for six months, brother. You [are] sneaking in Travis [Scott’s] recordings and text messaging Kris [Jenner] talking about "how" the family "."

The company is strange between the two sides that emerged from the Western label, and GOOD Music President Pusha T began intensive, if he soon lived, rap's threat with Drake. Both artists released the exhaust songs. Beef reached the peak when Pusha discovered the presence of Drake's son Adonis in the Story of Adidon disc.

West criticized Drake for not being sympathetic to "You are struggling with mental health." Drake was previously excluded to entertain the spiritual well-being of Kid Cudi. "I need to apologize now," said the west on Thursday.

The West said that his problems with Drake "stopped me forever". He expressed disappointment with Drake as though buying the first two lines of the Pusha T Concert. Tactics is used to reserve empty seats in the race show to reduce the expected visit. See 50 Cent vs Ja Rule.

In the 41st year of western Latvia there was even a common passage from the Bible: "Beloved, do not worry about the fiery trial when it comes to you to test you as if you are something weird. But rejoice in how you share the sufferings of Christ, even though you Rejoice and rejoice when his glory is revealed. "

In three separate cases, he tweeted one text snapshot. "Drake sent a request for" Say What is Real. "Do you want to clean?" The text has been read. "Say What's Real" is the 2009 song from Drake's Breakthrough Mixtape So far away. The song was created by the West.

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West instantly updated the fan soon afterwards. Two of his last three tweets revealed how Drake was just calling the West in response to a tweets ditch. "Drake eventually called," he tweeted. "Mission accomplished." You followed it tweeting, "By the way … not cleared."

The only thing Vestra offers more than musical content is titles worthy of tweets.

In this regard, the West was raised exactly where he was missing later on Thursday night. He tweeted more than 60 – six to zero – times about 30 minutes. He appeared on his alleged phone conversation with Drake, rounded Drake's possible threats, and much more.

See the response to Western tweets below.

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