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JONES: The billiards on the Gray Cup tournaments have almost gone

Diana Vinno, Executive Director of Gray Cup's 2018 Festival, announces the 106. CFL Gray Cup Championship at Shaw Conference Center on Friday. Game tickets are sold to the general public on June 1, 2018.

Larry Vong / Postmedia

Despite the nearly double inventory that was involved this year, sales signs are located at most of the Edmonton 2018 Gray Cup Festival Tickets.

With over half a week, CEO Duane Vienneau is able to announce an unprecedented number of events sold with unlimited potential associated with traditional key events, but also with a wide range of additional events.

The "Sold" signs have been purchased at the Shaw CFL Awards (1,734) from both Friday and Saturday morning – the Edmonton Breakfasts (2000 and 2100) and CFLPA Legends Luncheon (1000).

On the morning of Wednesday morning, 3,292 of 4,000 tickets were handed out less than 100 tickets on Saturday night at Kors's Light Concert (with Loverboy, Trooper and Kim Mitchell), of which 2,000 Gray Cup table dinners were sold, while 847 out of 1000 Embraced Extravaganza.

The "OVER-SALE" signature is intended for the indoor game day luggage compartment (2000) at the farmhouse. A total of 3,922 out of 4,000 tickets to the game's outdoor back door at the Party Commonwealth Stadium parking lot and 1,156 out of 2000 remain the newly added luggage compartment at Clarke Park are gone.

Tickets are still available for athletes in action and Canadian football fame for winter lunches and are available at the door at various party locations, such as Edmonton, Riderville, Manitoba landing, etc.

You get an idea. If the eskimos were involved, they could be the focus of attention on the party that is going on.

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