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JBL apologizes for drunk Tweeting for killing Cody Rhodes

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Last night, the former WWE star JBL put out a series of turkeys targeting Cody Rhodes, one of which said he wanted to kill a wrestler, but Layfield has now apologized for admitting that he had drunk a lot of drinks.

In case you lost it … JBL also tweetted that Cody was a tool rather than in his league and that he could beat Rhodes any day in the game (although he is retired).

However, on Friday morning, Layfield changed his tune. "Last night I enjoyed Cody and said that I would kill Cody Rhodes, of course, that does not mean literally," he wrote in Twitter. "It was a very bad word choice, I go back with him and his family, and I just say that I'm excited. I apologize for this bad word choice."

Adding: "I did not mean distrust to Dust. That's what happens when the Cowboys Glorification, my birthday, talks with fine fever and drinks."

Public employees, here is the advice: do not drink and do not worry. It usually does not end well.

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