Saturday , April 17 2021

Japan's Asteroid Rovers Continue to Send Surprising Images From a Stranger – BGR

It's been a couple of months since the Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) has placed robots on the asteroid peak, known as Ryugu. Hayabusa-2's "mothership" sent the bots down to test the surface of the rock cliff and send back to the Earth, and we soon saw the images as they arrived.

Now that JAXA prepares the most action-packed maneuver for the entire mission – a touch that will allow Hayabusa-2 to snatch from the surface of the cliff before it returns to Earth, the space agency shows off more of its rovres.

The images were taken by small "jumps" rovers that JAXA considered fit for asteroid exploration. The gravity on the cliff surface would have been too low to allow wheel barriers, so JAXA decided on small rovers that actually gossip from one place to another, forcing images along the way. The result is a huge, very rocky landscape.

JAXA was in fact shocked by the surface of a rocky asteroid, and the mission team was already forced to delay the landing maneuver already because they needed extra time to decide where the land was.

A safe landing location is essential so that the ultimate goal is to allow the Hayabusa-2 probe to climb from the top of the earth and return to Earth. Any damage to a spacecraft would, at the time of landing, be seriously endangered.

Image Source: JAXA

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