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Intense glance between Mark Hunt, Justin Wilson boils behind the backstage

Mark Hunt and Justin Willis before the battlefield turned off boiling over, the site's media reports a turmoil between the two after they left the scene.

Face shutdown took place after the official UFC Adelaide lever. As a heavyweight duo was a nose, Hunt seems to say something to Willis. Then Willis responded before both men became more animated, forcing UFC staff to separate them.

After leaving the scene, something was happening behind the scenes, which forced him to delay the face between the main event couples, Tyson Pedro and Mauricio's "Shogun" Rua. As reported by Submission Radio, Head Tha Tuivasa stated: "I fuckin 'ruin both of you' in response to the incident.

Speaking about radio submission for what turned out, Pedro described Willis's "behavior as" inhuman. "

"That's unworthy," said Pedro. "I know that you are short of yourself, but it's like me with Shogun – Shogun is a legend, and Mark is a legend they are from the same time. And I do not know if [Willis] knows that he is in Australia and that there are no rules from where we are. "

Pedro argued that he did not know what Will told Hunt, but did not think that the interaction would help the Americans when he eventually meets Super Samoan in the Octagon.

"I think he's trying to pump himself more than he's trying to suck Mark, and you do not want to pump Marks. If something is the worst thing you can do."

Pedro described the stage behind the scenes.

"I'm back and they are trying to stop the fight, but you can not treat our leading horse. We do not encourage fighting outside the Octagonon, but do not go and say that our leading horse and then come out and say something about our team," said Pedro .

"I'm pretty sure he went to Mark and Thai was right there," he added. "Do not use our team; we are all here and we are in Australia, so it's probably not a good idea."

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