Tuesday , October 26 2021

Incorrect key keys are solved in the car


Carstairs had a mysteriously wrong operation.

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The wrong key-key secrets were solved by Carstairs.

The Westview cooperative grocery store in this city, about 30 minutes north of Calgary, said Friday that "electronically damaged electronic products" prevented customers from using their cars in a key store car park.

Customers had reported a malfunction when they returned to their vehicles after shopping at the store.

In social media, people are ridiculously blaming the problem of everything from aliens to strange electrical currents.

However, Westview Co-operative said in a social media item: "There were many different theories and possible causes of interference, so we are very happy that we have come up with a source. We want to state that it was not the result of any deliberate criminal activity or other speculative activity.

"After the investigation, it was found out that the area that caused the malfunctioning was the wrong consumer electronic device that caused the interference," said the shop. "We will continue to monitor, but we do not anticipate further issues."

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