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I just started to play the artifact, and I've already been tempted to spend money

Picture: valve (artefact)

Valve has finally released a new game. Can you believe it? Card game based on Dota 2, Artifact started today on Steam. After several hours of confusion, I can report that there are really a lot of things Artifact, but it's also one of the most affordable card games I've played, at least for the first time.

Although it's obviously comparable to Blizzard's Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering (whose creator is actually Artifact& # 39; S Leading Designer), it's much more than a real-time strategy game that is translated into maps. It should not be surprising considering Artifact has inspired Dota 2MOBA, which originally began life as Warcraft 3.

At the same time, it's remarkable how much Artifact Feel like a card game just on behalf of. Of course, you open card packages, build decks, and then I hope you create a good starting hand when each game starts. But at the moment until the game itself, every decision and potential compromise are measured depending on how it will affect the positioning and the relative strength of the forces in the battlefield.

I swear that the game is not as complicated as it looks.
Screenshot: valve (artifact)

Here's how Artifact is being played. Two players start with decks of at least 40 cards, but many more they want. Each of them has five hero cards, the color of which is coded as red, blue, green or black. Each game takes place on a battlefield, divided into three bands, one of which is directed to all three, from left to right. These separate bands have a tower on both sides with 40 health conditions. The characters are placed over them, each in turn causing damage to the tower, unless blocked by other creatures and spells. When the tower is destroyed, this Ancient player with 80 health is discovered. On the one hand wins, either by destroying the enemy towers on two separate boards, or Ancient.

To understand?

Probably not. And this is with me, missing out a lot of important information, such as the fact that the towers give me who to show the map in the given band, and at the end of each turn, the number of creatures they killed determines how much gold money to buy the goods to add hands and that can be played for free. Artifact& # 39; S Training is a great challenge to explain everything by driving you to remove, mostly the above scripts, games against bots without letting too much weed.

After completing your training and after playing bunches, there are more games against opponents with pre-made and customized decks, here are some of your original thoughts:

  • Artifact be free to play. It's not. It costs $ 20. It comes in two starter decks and 10 cans, each of which usually costs $ 2. You also receive five event tickets that can be used to enter drafts to get more cards. But for the most part, you may get your cards by purchasing new packages or by purchasing them separately on the Steam Marketplace. This means that the original $ 20 is more than the first deposit than the full game prices. I find it difficult to see who will come Artifact continuing to continue to spend more money, because unlike it Hearthstone, there is no daily mechanism for solving problems or getting an internal cash currency and using it to slowly create your own collection. You just have to continue to spend. And talking about which …
Everyone is desperate to get their hands on this guy.
Screenshot: valve (artifact)
  • I'm already scaring myself 16 dollars on Artifact's most expensive map. Ax is one of my favorite characters to play Dota 2. He is big, strong, red, and as you might imagine, there are huge axes. In Artifact, there are special hero-related maps that automatically fill in the deck when a certain character is selected. Blood players get a berserker call that allows them to fight one of their heroes against another enemy instead of them. The game, which is mainly about positioning, is a huge deal.

    As a result, Ax is currently the most valuable game on the map, so he's so expensive to buy directly. At the same time, my intestines, as well as some of the mathematical aspects, explain that it would be better for me to pay $ 16 (or less, the price seems to decrease sharply) if I really wanted Ax, not spending a lot of card tins trying to get him. This is a magic collectible card game that has been added to the digital market.

  • Artifact There is a good balance between entertainment to watch and not get too much information. The game only shows one bar at a time and it is quite seamless by clicking between them or zooming in to see the whole board right away. It's much less Dota 2 and much more Hearthstone, which, in my opinion, is good since Hearthstone probably the best user interface for any game.
  • I love how frightening these little things are when you're completely screwed in.
Sorry bro
Screenshot: valve (artifact)
  • The great Red X for things that are going to die is very helpful. I'm not as sharp as I was. Especially when playing a complex card game in bed at. 2:00 Artifact It's great to let you know what will happen before it happens, including how much damage to enemies and towers will take when the turn is over, making it easy to decide which cards to play before, to make sure that what you want is happening.
  • Artifact Feel like a new kind of card game. We have seen a variety of ways to play card games since last year Hearthstone launched their only player Dungeon Run and more recently Slay Spire, The Dungeon is a creepy rogielike whose fighting mechanics are all cards. Artifact Feel like expanding both of these ideas by taking things like my costs, creature blocking and tower defense and using them to try to reinstate the strategy game experience in a slightly different context. Although I'm not sure that you finally fall in love Artifact same as me Dota 2, it already feels far and away, just like the year's best new video card game. excuse me Gwent.

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