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How to get to Amazon Prime for free

After a year that revealed that Amazon is treating its employees, privacy-violating products and huge tax exemptions from government, some people cancel their Amazon Prime protest.

But while boycotting one of the features of the company, having its own feelings in every corner of your online life and on the waist, it will not do much to actually harm Amazon. Amazon Web Services is the backbone of the Internet and can be eliminated. Prime subscription fee of $ 12.99 per month. Jeff Bezos is the richest person in the world and he has more money than God. In 2017, Amazon accounted for 44 percent of all US e-commerce sales.

You will never make Dent Amazon profits by removing Prime. This is a way of more fun and possibly more effective – to be in golden gear. So I plan to never pay a premium and instead use free trials.

I've been doing this for several years now, and on the way to perfection of this font, I've just tried once or once to help you learn from your mistakes.

Step 1: Open a new email account
Previously, you may have already used your daily email address at Prime trial, which means you can not use it again to get a new free trial. Open your favorite email service at Yahoo, AOL, MSN and start a new address. I will avoid making Gmail banners because I use Google products for many things, and it could be confusing. Just do not use one of these fake email address services (e.g., email or email) that do not actually access secure inbox because you will really need to use this inbox to confirm the trial and check for updates.

Note Most e-mail service providers will limit the number of accounts that you can open with the same phone number. Since this email address and potential Amazon account will be linked to your credit card information, you may also want to enable two factor authentication. If you want to be particularly secure, you can buy a cheap prepaid phone number and use this number to receive 2f text codes.

When you touch the ceiling, go to the next email client. There are hundreds. One day, if I live hundreds of years, I will disappear from e-mail clients. But it's like thinking about the heat of the universe-death: I do not.

Step 2: Get your password
This is a decisive part of the game. Do not miss it. Please take it from me – you just want to keep these logos straightforward as soon as you've done a couple of dozen of them. Not only do you remember the Amazon account login credentials, but also all email accounts.

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Use Lastpass or preferred password if you do not already have one. Using Password Manager will also help make your online life safer.

Step 3: Start the trial
Log in from any Amazon account you already have, and start a new one using the email address you just made. From there, press Try Prime, at any site. You will be able to find it, it's fucking everywhere and never leaves you alone. Go ahead and "try" Prime.

It will ask you to add your credit card, but that's fine. We will ensure that Amazon never imposes a premium bonus at any time.

At this time, Amazon does not seem to strictly enforce terms on how many free trials one can register. Some people called this Reddit reported that Amazon discontinued its research after about 30 registrations. The Amazon Prime Minister's terms and conditions do not say that you can not hold free trials, although it claims that the company "may terminate your Prime Minister's participation at his own discretion without notice."

I learned from Amazon whether or not they monitor the new Prime accounts, and will update if I go back.

Step 4: Stop the trial
It's time to curl Jeff Bezos. Immediately after starting the trial, go to it to finish.

To do this, open your account in the top bar, then Prime. It can take some time to activate your trial – there is a very small hurdle when you log in when these options are available, but then you will see the distribution of membership in the left sidebar. Near the bottom will be a link titled "Trial Benefits and Benefits" or "Remind me before reinstatement." Remember that you probably will not control any email address you are signed in to, so you want to the end it should not be reminded.

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From here you will find the most experienced user experience way I've seen. Continue carefully and carefully by clicking on "Undo my benefits" even if the site tries to stay.

After some attempts to save you, you will find a page to cancel it. In a small print, you will see that this option ends at the end of one month and you can take advantage of the trial by that time.

I learned my lesson about not removing a hard road immediately. I forgot to end the trial and saw that Amazon obliges me not to attend months, and there is no reason to think about which email address was to blame. I had to log in to every Amazon account and email inbox (almost all I forgot my passwords because I'm not yet using Lastpass) to try to find the culprit and cancel the subscription. Do not look like me, I want you to avoid this error.

Step 5: Live your life

You can use all bonus benefits for the next 30 days free of charge. Sometimes I get a reminder placed on my calendar when it's over, so I know when to restore if you need it. But since you've completed the trial just like it started, you do not have to be reminded, and in fact the site will continue to remind you that your benefits will end every time you log in. You obviously do not have to repeat this process every 30 days with a point, you can create a new one whenever you need it.

Bonus Step: Look Inside

Take a little certainty about how often you use the Amazon Prime blurry little shit that you could grab in a small, local store. Once upon a time, Amazon will probably change the way to test new accounts. Maybe today is this day. Until then, you can live and die quickly with free shipping.

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