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Here is what we know about the final season of the "Third Games"

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We finally know exactly when to wait for the winter.

HBO announced on Tuesday that their very popular series of "Game of Thrones" will premiere in April 2019 for what will be its eighth and final season.

But before you get excited about a new trailer that gives you a dramatic tan: no. The pre-release video is predominantly a summary of the whole series, supplemented by voice and hashtag (#ForTheThrone), to remind us what that is all about.

Basically, someone better sits on this iron throne when it's all said and done.

The latest official announcement that we received from HBO was almost a year ago, when the bonus network promised that GoT will return in 2019. And while the HBO always holds the card close to the chest, we know a few things about this final season – which will happen 20 months after the last time we saw new episodes, and we can do some educated guesses about what to expect.

How long will this season last?

The last season will be only six episodes long, which also makes the series "the shortest. For each season from year 1 to year 6, there were 10 episodes, while seven seasons were seven episodes.

But the last season will be longer than normal episodes, which has a clock of 80 minutes.

Despite the shorter launch, the eight season shoots took 10 months, and for each episode, according to Variety, it cost around 15 million. Just think of all the battles, dragons and undead that you can buy!

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Like the season 6 and 7, the show's authors do not have the advantage of drawing the George R. Martin series "The Ice and Fire Song"; The world is still waiting for the next sixth installment of the "Winter Winds" to be completed. (Remember when Martin said he would come up in 2014? It had two mid-term dates and presidential elections!)

What should we expect when formulating?

Warning! Possible light and very sophisticated spoilers in front!

Entertainment Weekly watched and uncovered some of the key pieces: coming back to the beginning of the series, we will see the procession in Winterfell, but it will be with Daerin and her army, as they are all threatened north of the wall. Sansa is also not satisfied with the whole Jon-bending-the-kne-to-a-Targaryen case.

We also hope that we will finally get this big face with the Army of the Dead, and the downturn that created the Bastard Battle, according to actor Peter Dinklage, "looks like an amusement park."

Who will be behind the camera?

Previous Throne directors have returned to shoot last season. The directors on September 8 are as follows: showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, who will lead the series final; Miguel Sapochnik, who led the epic "Bastard Battle"; and David Nutter, who led the devastating red wedding episodes ("Castamere's fortune").

On this basis, we are close to some shocking fatalities and massive, unbelievable battles.

What should I do when it's over?

Ready to watch more! Martin said that there are five "opponents" in the development of a prequel, and HBO has ordered a pilot for one.

"Given thousands of years before the events of the Tron Games, the series records the world's origins from the golden era of the Heroes in the darkest hour," HBO said of the upcoming prequel. "From the terrible secrets of Westeros's history to the true origins of white pedestrians, the secrets of the Orient to the legendary stars, only one thing is certain: this is not a story we think we know."

"We are not yet lucky with Westeros," Martin said at Emmys in September. "We have a lot of stories to say."

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