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Halsey praises Gorgeous's Taylor Swift essay on Pop of Power

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Taylor Swift gives us an inner view of what music means for Grammy's award-winning artist in a new essay she wrote Elle UK.

"The Power Of Pop" looks at how "music can bring you back to a long forgotten memory." Swift adds that her favorite writing is the way that will bring you back to the "rain-soaked kiss".

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Twitter Halsey praised Swift's essay, calling it "gorgeous." Swift replied, saying she was "blushing" here.

ELLE UK / Quentin Jones
ELLE UK / Quentin Jones

In her essay, Swift gives examples of songs that return some of her favorite memories, such as Cowboy Take Me Away, reminded of her by Dixie Chicks, 12 years old, "sitting in a small wooden panel room [her] family in Pennsylvania ”, where his guitar learned new songs.

Anyone who is a singer fan will know his commitment to Gray's Anatomy, including the name of one of her cats, Meredith Gray, so it would be no surprise that the soundtrack is also close and expensive. Songs like "Fray" or "Don't Forget Life" or Anna Nalick "Breathe (2AM)" reminds Swift that he has traveled at the age of 17 when she finally got a rare moment with her "My Commitment to this Show really knows no boundaries. ”

The singer Shake It Off also writes his own music because he likes to "save memories, such as a picture frame around the feeling you've ever had".

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She continues to say, "The fun challenge of writing a pop song is by squeezing the details of this insight into the most serious melodic term you can think of" and that she "flourishes" into the challenge.

ELLE UK / Quentin Jones
ELLE UK / Quentin Jones

Swift believes that people are looking for their own personal touch in their music, commending their travel companion Camila Cabello to Havana for a "break in the world."

Essay completed, noting that "just like a great book" songs and an alliance of our memories of times when it helped heal us, or made us cry, dance or escape, which is really a test of time. "

April Edition ELLE UK is on sale from March 7th.

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