Thursday , March 30 2023

GRAND SUN: Kitty calling … | Grandmother says | Time | Weather


As for long-term forecasting, I like to leave things to Shubenacadie Sam, but on Thursday I was reluctant to go there: I turned off my winter forecast. So many things can be changed and changed, and a small amount of jet stream in one way or another … can change everything. But I'm diverting.

After writing the column, I remembered my days at the farm and remembered one of the many wonderful observations that my grandmother began to come to winter.

You can do it…

The first thing you need is a cat; There has never been anyone in agriculture. You also need to know the Moon phase – I'll just get a "why" moment.

Then the grandmother shines on the ground; She waited for the first season of snow. Light dust was not enough; there was enough snow on the ground to see the cat's songs. This snowy time would help grandma to calculate how many times it will be in the coming winter.

Now the moon: Grandma thought that if you take the first date in which you can see the cat's songs and add it to the moon's age, you will receive the amount of snow in your area.

Finding a month is not hard – the new moon is your starting point. One month after the month, the moon is one day. The full moon is halfway through a 29-day cycle; The day before the next month, the moon is 29 days old.

Now it does not tell you how much snow will drop, how many times it's snowy. I have been doing this for several years, and it always happens surprisingly close. Try it out. I can not say much about its connection to meteorology, but it's a lot of fun.

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