Saturday , January 29 2022

GM will make Cadillac its leading electric vehicle brand


Although Chevrolet launched the Volt plug-in hybrid and the clean electric screw, Cadillac has got a GM rear seat. Now that it is trying to make a profit in this segment, the company's electrification plans will first create luxury. In an update published for investors posted on Friday, the company announced:

Cadillac will be GM's leading electric vehicle brand and will introduce the first model of the new battery electric vehicle architecture, the GM foundation for an advanced cost-effective EVS family.

The flexible platform will provide a wide range of body styles and will be offered in front wheel, rear wheel and all wheel configurations. Its most important components, including battery packs, are designed for maximum use in all applications. The battery system will also be adjustable based on vehicle and customer requirements.

For a few years, Cadillac sold the ELR hybrid coupe, which was criticized for being overstated by US $ 75.0000 – $ 35,000 more than Volt, who shared his power. Its further operation in the CT6 Plug-In Hybrid has failed much better. The "flexible platform", called BEV3, replaces BEV2 (Battery Electric Vehicle 2) used by Bolt.

The next planning phase seems to be developed with a more carefully designed plan and an eye for increasing sales in China. Other areas that focus on the commercialization of autonomous vehicles (see Cruise) and truck promotion in North America.

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