Friday , June 2 2023

Fulham will not play because Mo Salah points after Mitrovich header has decided to offside before Liverpool's coast win


FUlhima Slavis Yokanovich refuses to "frighten" about the prospect of a trip to Liverpool today – even between reports, his work is at stake.

She fights the team to visit Anfield, where they should resist maybe the strongest attack on the Premier League to avoid the seventh consecutive defeat.

Fulham is open to attack football-inspired progress from last season's championship, but since then they have been exposed to 29-goal concessions in 11 league games and the fact that they are at the bottom of the league.

Scott Parker intends to replace him if he was released if their battles continue, but against this background and the prospect of facing Liverpool Sandio Mane, Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah, 50-year-old Jokanovic does not plan to go to Anfield to protect.

On Friday, he spoke about his players who needed to show more fighting, and in Sunday's games he said: "I'm not a scared person. I will not forget about my box and wait 0-0, this happens sometimes, but many times you do not see any results.

"I do not think we are the best team that defended the field. We have to be organized, we must have a plan, and we have to try.

"I know that it's not easy to play against a very fast counterattack, just like the players in front of them, but we must try to find the opportunity to be brave and at the end to show a mentality to fight to work with them to challenge them and win.

"Of course, I need more (from my players), supporters need more, and the club needs more and that's it. It's easy. They know they did not offer enough and we have to encourage them to push forward.

"We need to be smart and we need to find a balance in everything. We are not at our best and they need to be more stable, aggressive."

The red star of Belgrade, the strongest Partizan Belgrade opponents who supported Jokanovic and both played and led, Liverpool won unexpectedly on Tuesday Tuesday.

"They show that it's possible they work from all sides, from the stands, out of the field and finish a good game," he added.

"This is a good example for the team."

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