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"Friday Marvel" star Brie Larson appears in "The Ellen Show" This Friday

Countdown to Captain Marvel continues to mark the release of the film, and Marvel Studios is launching a new release of Brie Larson's debut MCU.

Now fans can expect another look at the upcoming superhero movie, as Larson will appear Ellen Show this Friday. And according to a statement about her look, we can get a new movie material.

Here's how the bulletin showed Larson's appearance in the February 1 episode:

"The incredible star had everyone talking about their role in the film Numberwho won the Academy Award for Best Actress! Since then, she has starred in films Kong: Skull Island and Castle of Glassand she has got a comic book and movie fans excited about her Captain Marvel, the next section of the exciting Marvel cinema universe! Brie will play the title, and fans are eagerly awaiting her popular superhero! She will give Ellen a look at the movie when she stops! "

Two movie trailers have already been released and there is no new clip coming from this look, but considering how close we are to the release date Captain Marvel we wouldn't be surprised if Larson debuted something new.

Fans have been curious about what to expect from Marvel Studios' next film, and producer Jonathan Schwartz teased that it would include a combination of shades from previous franchise films.

"It's somewhere in the middle," Schwartz told about the movie set. "You know, Carol's comics are very funny in their own way Doctor Strange, in a way that does not feel Iron Manlike Robert Downey Jr, who becomes her unique voice, and that is the voice we tried to overcome.

"What's not a joke for a minute [like] Rocket Racoon [in] Galaxy Guards, which is super funny, "added Schwartz." And it's not super-based, it's as heavy as some of our other films have been. I think it lives a lot like this Doctor Strange, which captures movie and movie rates quite seriously, but allows characters to entertain it. "

Captain Marvel premieres on March 8th, and fans can see Larson guests Ellen Show this Friday.

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