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Fortnite Patch Notes: New Skins, Card Changes, Common Challenges, More

Epic Games has released a major update to start Fortnite Season 8, which combines games and exaggeration, new card locations, new weapons and a brand new Battle Pass with over 100 prizes (including new skins). In addition, Epic has shared extensive remarks detailing everything that is new and different to Fortnite.

The most significant changes in the 8th season are on Fortnites Island. As in previous seasons, Epic likes to combine things by introducing new themes and changing the location. This time around pirates, ninjas and creatures from the newly created volcano are all subject to some treasure. Along with the volcano's new 8th season are Sunny Steps and Lazy Lagoon.

Volcano binding, a great addition to the game is a lava that combines one damage to one touch and allows the player to hit the surface. There are also volcanic ventilation openings that shoot hot air that players can use to launch themselves in the sky.

As for weapons, there is a new Pirate gun that can be used to destroy structures at a distance. You can also get into the cannon barrel and start yourself all over the map.

Various weapons and objects have been vaulted, which means that they are no longer available at the moment. These include Sneaky Snowman, Chiller Grenade, X-4 Stormwing, Shopping Cart and All Terrain Kart – which covers many game cars. Especially with regard to the attack on the rifles, the fall rates have been adjusted to make the top-level staff less common, although the attack guns will still be available at the same rates as before

Excitingly, Epic has also introduced Party Assist, which, if pre-game enabled, will allow daily or weekly challenges to be completed with friends within your party. In the 8th season, tasks will be automatically requested daily and will be delivered after they have been completed.

In the case of time-limited regimes, there are currently two. The first is Close Encounters, which allows players to play and shoot. The other is 50v50, which collects two big teams against each other; it is ideal for the start of the season, as it is a simple way for young players to understand the mechanics of the game without putting much pressure on them.

Check out the full Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 8 patch. You can go to the Epic website to see the new modes that are creative and save the world.

Weapons + goods

  • Pirate gun
    • Push the cannon into position, aim and fire! Alternatively, climb up the barrel and start yourself!
    • The gun or gun plays long distances. Cannonballs and players, before stopping by an explosion, can distinguish several objects, causing damage and returning to adjacent players.
    • Offers 100 Damage to enemies in direct hit and 50 damage to enemies in small radius.
    • Found throughout the environment.
  • Screwed
    • Sneaky Snowman
    • Chiller Garnet
    • X-4 Stormwing
    • Shopping carts
    • Map of all terrain
  • A hunting rifle icon has been restored
  • Reduced availability of high-level assault rifle
    • The total number of available Assault Rifles remains unchanged
      • Increased chance of getting a conventional quality assault rifle from 48.56% to 56.30%
      • Increased chance of getting an unusual quality gun from 26.83% to 28.15%
      • Reduced chance of getting a rare-quality assault rifle from 16.17% to 10.91%
      • Reduced chance of getting Epic quality attack gun from 7.02% to 3.52%
    • Reduced chance to get legendary quality assault rifle from 1.82% to 1.13%

Bug fixes

  • Delivery drops are now properly displayed on the map.
  • If the fire button is pressed while the rifle is still active after the gun has been transferred, the gun will automatically fire as soon as the cooling is over.
  • Fixed Clingers, causing damage through walls / floors when a player joins.
  • Fixed players who accidentally placed the remote explosives after using the consumer tap.
  • Fixed legendary / epic pump ball pellet markers and muzzle flash sometimes are not repeated for other customers.
  • Fixed a problem where players could not use automatic launch using Hoverboard with gamepad.
  • Fixed items that are sometimes invisible to some players.

The game

  • Added Lava
    • The lava will deal with one damage on one touch and will give players the chance to unwind from the surface. Look out!
  • Added volcanic vents
    • The volcanic vents in the hot air attack heaven will increase players and vehicles!
  • Party Helper Added
    • Before the race, allow Party Assist to take on a daily or weekly challenge to complete it with your help.
    • The members of the party can supplement the chosen challenge themselves.
    • This functionality excludes "fill" players who are added to the party if team members or team members like Team Rumble.
  • Increased infinite dab duration from 11 hours to 12 hours in the lobby.
  • A cozy fire place when viewed through the thermal sphere is now becoming active.
  • Starting from season 8, daily tasks will be automatically requested as soon as they are completed.
    • Any challenges that were ready to be collected will be completed automatically and all prizes will be delivered. However, at this point you will not be notified of the game in which you will receive these rewards.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bugs if the Lynx outfit is very bright when playing in the lobby with the original wave.
  • Fixed a problem where players were able to move to the view while jumping.
  • Fixed issues where the take-up of weapons would sometimes be wrongly landed. This would happen if the player won the weapon that the player placed immediately after the destruction.
  • Fixed Bush consumables are not destroyed if the player loses a lot of distance.
  • Fixed targets help you work through windows.
  • Fixed issues where players could stop themselves from getting into Zipline, standing too far behind it and colliding with the ground trying to get in.
  • Fixed a problem where the player could not pick up items that fell around the Zipline pole.
  • Fixed issue where entry into the vehicle while ziplining left the fall damage to the immunity of the visual impact on the player.
  • Fixed auto-pickup items that don't work when you first get out of parachute jumping.
  • Automatic reloading of weapons no longer eliminates emotions.
  • Fixed equipped trap that was replaced after the release of a stack of items or after the last part of consumables or explosives.
  • Fixed equipped traps are lowered when you use the hold to switch objects.

Limited Time Mode: 50v50


Two teams of fifty players are fighting against the finish!

Mode Details

  • Each team has a bus approaching the island in the opposite direction. The map-friendly bus has a blue outline, the enemy is red.
  • The map has a dotted line that points to "battle lines" between the two teams. Crossing the line is likely to invade enemies.
  • Agricultural materials increased by 25% compared to the default.
  • Commodes and ammunition boxes spawn more often than usual and have additional ammunition.

Limited Time Mode: Close the appointment


Close Quarters to Fight with Rifles and Jetpacks!

Mode Details

  • Players start with Jetpack in their inventory.
  • The only firearms in this mode are different types of guns.
  • The storm moves faster than usual in the middle or late.


  • Over / Under Foot Improvements.
    • Clearer sound for higher feet.
    • Redirecting the distance the path above or below the foot is more realistic.
  • Improved foot sound times when the game simulation is heavy.
  • Set Down-But-Not-Out warning sound spatialization from the bottom of the player location.
  • Added stereo sound to all weapons weapons.
  • Adding foley audio feedback when crouching and ADS with a weapon.
  • Improved rocket launcher. Now it plays an additional warning layer if the missile comes to you.
  • A remote view of the sound of enemy sailors has been added.
  • Advanced damage / prevention audio feedback.
  • Added a new shield break.
  • Improved 'weak point' sound when harvested.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed air wind reboot when the enemy is removed while they are in the middle air.
  • Fixed sniper charges that do not hit.
  • Fixed "Hootenany" emote stuck indefinitely.
  • Fixed Suspended SMG sound effect sometimes occasionally wrong.


  • Added the ability to access the Patch Notes site from News Screen.
  • Visual improvements made to change names and metrics.
  • World Marker Improvements
    • World markers are now visible in the world when they are close to you.
    • Double-clicking on the global token key will display the "danger" option for this marker. Worldwide markers placed with a weapon will also place a version of danger.
    • World Markers are accompanied by 2D UI scores, making them easier to see through objects.
    • The world markers now have an off-screen indicator and show the distance your character has from them.
    • Inserting a global token in the item will show the icon and rarity of this item.
    • The placement of global markers remains on the same computer and console key (KBM: middle mouse button, controller: D-Pad on the left).
      • This button can be moved to any desired button. Let us know about our social channels that work best for you!
    • The mobile also has a button that can be attached to the HUD. Place this button using the HUD Layout Tool.
  • Cabinet with filter tabs for animated loading screens and pets.
  • Added map corner icon for some types of animated cosmetics.

Bug fixes

  • Determine when a bad network indicator will appear at the beginning of the game due to slow loading conditions.
  • The Battle Pass / Battle Bundle purchase screen now displays your supported maker if set.
  • Fixed a problem where the number of team removal was sometimes inaccurate.
  • Fixed a problem when the playgrounds failed to be properly listed.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed issues where cleaning through replay can cause the player's heroic model to disappear in the lobby.
  • Fixed a problem with cosmetic styles that do not appear correctly during playback.
  • Fixed preventive damage numbers are inaccurate in repetitions.
  • Fixed gun shooting animations sometimes play twice.


  • Adding more visual feedback by pressing buttons.
  • Changed visibility of slip / freewheel HUD is more consistent between mobile / other platforms.
  • Now the player can switch between crouch and standing states while they are created and edited.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the lobby lobby to disappear when the report player dialog box was closed.
  • Fixed issues that attempt to switch to construction mode and touch the speed bar at the same time will switch back to battle mode.
  • Fixed issues where an attempt to insert a trap using a mobile controller made the player alive as if they were trying to open the door several times before the trap was inserted.
  • Fixed players could not slip during slipping.
  • The Fixed Action Button stays in the UI battle bus phase.
  • The Resource HUD setting is now correctly displayed in games after making changes to mobile devices.
  • Fixed an issue where tapping to edit the structure would stop the ability to continue cross-editing until the button is pressed again.
  • Fixed a problem when removing an item from the hot bar caused a double click.
  • Fixed a problem where the default position of the zip line activation icon overlapped with the target icon.
  • The art of a fixed controller is sometimes lacking in the controller settings screen.

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