Monday , October 18 2021

Flames takeaways: Gaudreau, Smith shines heartbeat victory


Just as exciting as the first half of Calgary Flames was to make the city starving for good news, you can put everyone in the city informed of the obstacle.

No, not only the defensive championships D.C., but the balance of the schedule, which was the withdrawal of Flames last year.

Of course, the NHL's best team at the Western Conference is undoubtedly better prepared to go off the normal seasonal balance without excessive turbulence.

However, Cowtown's young and old players are indefinitely reminded that Flames arrived last year's CBA break with seven wins in a row, losing six immediately after a five-day break.

After all, it cost them a place for the game, as Mike Smith then fell short of the injuries and everything was broken.

This time they arrived at a break of 8-0-1 before a nine-day rest break.

Returning to action on Friday in Washington, Flames escaped from the third-period miracles in a 4-3 loss that showed the revenge of two goals, which was ultimately ruined by the very last-minute power game created by Evgeny Kuznetsov.

No Ovie, no problem with the capitals, because the captain looked at his suspension of one game to skip the NHL All-Star Game.

Here are some of the Flames teams who lost their first time in 10 outings.


Didn't dream of doing this in Smith, who had the biggest criticism of Calgary in the first half of the year.

Five calls stop at Lars Eller, and John Carlson was late in completing 27 rescue efforts, the only loss of his third regulation in the last 12 decisions.

Yes, you read this right.

He is constantly recovering from the start of a terrible season to earn the first start of the break.

Some will question the decision to start Smith over the red hot David Rittich, but the truth is, Bill Peters did a masterful job of choosing a starter throughout the first half.

Smith's start was easy.

Caps' winning goal was a world-class snake over the Smith's shoulder on the short side, as some of the goalkeepers in the world were able to stop from the near border.

Other targets were not smokers.

Sure Smith will be the key to success for the team this spring.

Rittich will most likely return to work in Caroline on Sunday.

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Johnny Gaudrea's Day began with an award as NHL's first star in January and ended with a solid cheap shot from Nicklas Backstrom, which caused a fierce melee following the final hell.

In fact, he said Backstrom simply responded to the Gaudrea cross check in Brooks Orpik in seconds.

In any case, Orpik fought with Matthew Tkakuk, Tom Wilson fought with Rasmus Andersson on the ice and surpassed him.

Prior to that, Gaudreau helped Elias Lindholm play the game with eight minutes to give him 10 goals, and 13 helped in the last 13 trips.

In January he had points except one game, making a career high at 11 gaming points, which ended just before the break.

Not a bad guy who was named second star in December.


Lindholm's first-party explosion played a major role in Gaudrea's resurrection against Hart Trophy.

Lindholm was again one of the most dangerous flames all night long before he scored a goal that many might have considered good enough to save at least one waypoint for visitors.

Unfortunately, it just created an attack on the winning Kuznetsov, at the same time expanding Lindholm's score bar to nine games (2-9-11).

He still kills the penalty, plays in the game and plays the main drawings, despite Peter's suggestions, he could soon reduce the role of the Swedish extermination.


Neal Watch: Almost 15 minutes of ice during James Neals managed three shots, one of which was quite uncharacteristic of the lineman Mark Jankowski, who ended with the robbery of Braden Holtby. Many believe it is almost nothing, as it shows that Neal will eventually be able to catch the malaise he has had so far with five goals. First of all, it was the type of beauty we will see at the end of the year. Unfortunately, it was his penalty in the evening, which set the table for Kuznetsov's winner… Travis Hamonic left the trauma trying to return from the past, leaving the team to play half a night with five blue spacers. If he misses a Sunday game in Caroline, he can open the door to an invitation from Juuso Valimaki, based in Stockton.

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