Monday , January 18 2021

Fish brought into the Old Port to fight tropical fever

KINGSTON, Jamaica – The private power company Jamaica Energy Partners (JEP) today handed over 1,800 tilapia fish to several recently cleared shores of Old Harbor Bay, St Catherine, to help fight the spread of dengue fever.

In the afternoon, the energy company said today that it had taken the initiative to participate in a community mosquito control program due to the recent influx of febrile illnesses and deaths in Jamaica.

The company announced the involvement of the Public Health Department and the Aquaculture Division of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Fisheries to establish a partnership for this purpose.

"This will significantly reduce the number of larvae in these waters, the company said, adding that the number of larvae will be taken in the coming weeks to assess the effectiveness of this" green "approach to reducing the reproduction of these vectors," AEP.

It noted that last Friday some of its representatives held a sensitization meeting at the center of the Old Harbor Bay community to raise awareness of the disease and how to prevent and limit its spread.

The energy company pointed out that AG-CHEM Company Ltd was also involved, donating 24 bottles of mosquito repellent, which were distributed at the meeting.

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