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Fallout 76 players throw their hands at the return of a heavy Bobby pin

Like a cruel and delightful joke Fallout 76 Players have discovered that the game's latest patch accidentally repeatedly broke something that was previously fixed and they're not happy.

Bobby pins used Fallout 76 to choose locks, initially weighed a ridiculous 0.1 pound. At the beginning of this month, Bethesda finally put them in order to make them more important than 0.001, which were both more realistic and helped relieve the much-needed player inventory. After yesterday's Patch 5, they return 0.1. This might seem like a small problem, but for players who have been patient for the last couple of months, it's just the last of several deterrent signs that continue to accumulate.

Many players are also disappointed with a series of yesterday's evening games. Cards such as Demolition Expert, which provide bonus damage through explosives, ranged from 100% to 60%. Other cards, such as the White Knight and Licensed Plumber, similarly reduced their effectiveness. People who have invested in these skills now feel they have a big drawback and have asked for something to follow if there is such a change in the future. Another unequivocal group of players believe that Bethesda's approach is increasingly being excluded from the invisible things and abilities it sees as too strong, rather than making others stronger to help offset.

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Fallout 76's Bobby Pins Is 60x heavier than the actual Bobby Pins

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Other players are angry that the new microtransaction items are still being added to the Atom game while it happens, and the Bethesda community leader replied that the Atom team was separated from those working with bug fixes and patches. “I understand it can be depressed to see [the Atom store] updated when waiting for game updates, but it is different from those who work with code, ”they wrote on the subredd of the game.

People's dissatisfaction with the constant state Fallout 76 The claims that the latest patch has also brought some elements to the repetition that hit the game earlier in the month have been reinforced. In the thread that suddenly flourished on the game subreddit, the user gX-kiD notes that since yesterday's ebay, new recordings of rare game elements have taken place. Fast search shows more than a hundred new entries for things like the legendary two-shot rifles and three barrels of minigun, but so far there has been no compelling evidence that duping has got a full return.

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Fallout 76's Bobby Pins is no longer 60x heavier than the actual Bobby Pins

One of the funniest stories among all Fallout 76 detection griefs was how it was blocked …

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While the studio has not yet made public complaints against the community, the community leader commented on one of Reddit's threads that the development team is discussing bobby pins and other feedback on the new patch.

One theory that circulates between players about why bobby pins are reassessed is that the older update used a parent Fallout 76 that created some aspects of the game seems to be again where they were at the beginning of the month. Bethesda did not immediately respond to the request to comment on this issue.

In response to the latest missteps, there are renewed calls to Bethesda to implement a beta server where players can try out new patches before they live in the real game where one player answered "Good News!" You are already on the beta server! ”

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