Monday , February 6 2023

Falling sales, folding screens give hope to smartphone makers – national ones


In recent years, the smartphone sector has been looking for a breakthrough to rebuild a market that is outdated in innovation and a drop in sales. The potential catalyst in the horizon is in the form of flexible screens, which can be folded in half without breaking.

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Samsung and several rivals are going to turn on the following screens to make the device more versatile for work and pleasure. Folding screens can increase the display area to the minimum size of the tablet, but as a wallet so that they return to normal phones. But there are questions about price and durability.

If the new phones meet the ambitions of their makers, they will become a leap in the industry, the origin of which can be traced to old flip phones that consumers once felt cool and comfortable. However, folded screen phones will not need hinges because they have continuous displays that can bend.

In terms of how difficult it is to build a flexible screen that is also durable, Samsung first announced plans to build a fold-out screen five years ago. However, just Wednesday, Samsung finally gave an insight into what it was working on.

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"We've lived in a world where the size of the screen can be as large as the device itself," said Justin Denison, vice president of mobile product marketing for Samsung. "We have just entered a new dimension."

Despite having a brief look at the device he held in his hand, Denison provided some information about the phone. Samsung says it will be ready to enter the market next year.

Smartphone developers are looking for something that worries consumers because they are less likely to dampen phones because new models are expensive and not so much different from their predecessors than slightly better cameras and batteries.

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This is the main reason why IDC has reported that global smartphone sales have fallen from four consecutive quarters of the previous year. With all this added, smartphone sales dropped by four percent over the course of the 12 months that ended in September. Samsung, the world's leading smartphone vendor, suffered a seven percent decline in shipments during this period, based on IDC estimates.

But it is unclear whether the flexible screens will have a massive transfer, especially if slow devices need to pay more than $ 1,000. Royole Corp., a small Silicon Valley company, is hoping to sell its early FlexPai floating-screen phone at $ 1300 to $ 1,500 when it comes to the US – something will happen no sooner than next year. It will now be available in China starting next month for a price of about $ 1,300.

Although the idea that the device is capable of bending in different shapes may sound good, IDC analyst Ramon Llamas is skeptical of how practical and durable it is. One of the biggest issues is whether the quality of the screens will deteriorate as they are re-folded. "Do people really want to watch the Netflix exhibition on these devices if there's a curvature in it?" Said llamas

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Royole said that it can bend FlexPai more than 200,000 times as it worsens.

It is also expected to have other folding screens running the Google Android software. Huawei confirmed last month that it was working on a flexible screen phone. LG Electronics is widely expected to be revealed at the CES Gadget Expo in Las Vegas in January. LG did not respond to a comment request.

"Everyone has thought about the same question:" What next? Is there nothing about a smartphone? "" Said Royole CEO Bill Liu.

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