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Endgame's theory says the doctor actually used the stone for the strange thing

When it comes to Avengers: Endgame theory, the concept of time is often a player. From time travel to other types of time manipulation and Time Stone applications, many Marvel fans are confident that time will be like heroes will save the day

However, according to one fan theory, it may already be. New Final game The theory shows that doctor Strange has already used the time stone Avengers: Infinity War and that will make all the difference.

Reddit shows that the theory shows that when doctor Strange looked into the future to see all the possible outcomes of the situation, what he really did was send his astral form in the future when it could eventually reveal himself to Tony and eventually overcome him. Thanos. Redditor provides a couple of ways it can work. First of all, they note that Thanos, who obtains the Stone of Time, is a little unimportant because Strange's astral form is tied when Strange was a stone. This idea gives Strange the actual infinite time to lead Tony and fix things. Another idea of ​​how it could work is that the astral form will only have a limited time in the future, so Strange stopped so much in Titan. He bought his astral form to help the heroes.

We have to admit that there are many time-bound theories, but it is quite interesting. It is also a kind of line with a few other theories that show that Steven was interrupted by Titan for other reasons, ensuring that Scott will be in Quantum Realm at the time it happens. Of course, this theory attaches importance to Quantum Realm and its time-related opportunities.

Of course, there is always a theory that what Strange really did create a kind of time loop, just as he did at the end of the 2016 solo film – the theory some fans think that three years ago, scriptwriter Jon Spain has afflicted it. .

"It is one of the most praiseworthy of which I am most proud and was a version that is not very different from what you see in the first project," Spaihts began. "I have been able to return to the end of the project and do more to help bring the film home and further develop it. But I think the seeds of the idea actually came from the Kevin Feige space. your long game with Agamotto's eye and the role it will play in his great design in the cinematic universe – with great focus on Strange manipulation of time. In the Feige room, who said, "Could he trap him in time?" .

What do you think about it at the latest Avengers: Endgame theory? Please let us know in the comments.

Avengers: Endgame on 26 April. Other MCU movies this year include Captain Marvel March 8 and Spider-Man: Far from home July 5

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