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Eltons gets sick, the show is canceled – Entertainment news

Elton John abandoned his planned exhibition in Orlando, Florida, on Tuesday night, 20 minutes after it was scheduled to start.

The 71-year-old singer had to come to the scene in the center of Amway as part of her fancy yellow brick tour.

However, after suffering from ear infection, your song star decided to reduce performance and transfer to another date.

"We're sorry to announce that due to ear infections, Elton John can not do this tonight. Orlando's sold date will be announced in the near future, so please keep your tickets," Amway Center posted on Twitter.

But the announcement was not much like the fans who had already bought items, food and drinks before the show began.

"Blessed void / 250 dollars per ticket / 150 US hotels / 30 dollars in drinks / Elton John overnight canceled … for no consideration," wrote one.

The Amway Center has promised that all proceeds and developments will be executed after the postponed date, when it is decided.

Other fan songs hurt the singer because she leaves it too late to cancel the concert, with a single tweeting image for her son, who cries and writes: "#EltonJohn I can not believe that you cancels the 8:00 pm concert at noon at noon. No one I was not able to call it in the past? Seriously? Unbelievable. My 8-year-old megaphones have been ruined. "

In response to another fan who complained about a late announcement, the Amway Center tweeted: "We understand your disappointment … Elton John was in the building and the posts were shared with us just before PA notifications are made."

Earlier it was reported that this snatch was canceled due to a credible bomb threat. However, these rumors were blocked by Orlando city marketing manager Tanya Bowley, who told the USA Today: "Any speculation or claim on the threat of a ball is false and totally unfounded. The cancellation this evening was really related to the ear infection of Elton John, who was previously divided from the beginning."

After the Tuesday evening's cancellation, it was discovered that the Wednesday night show in Tampa, Florida, has also been tilted.

"Due to ear infections and doctor's orders, the sold exhibition scheduled for Wednesday, November 28, 2018, Tampala is postponed to a specified date," says Amalie Arena.

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