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Edmonton Oilers claims Valentine Zikov to be released

The oilers are immersed in the release wire to add their wings to a certain depth. The team has asked Valentin Zikov to give up Carolina Hurricanes.

Zikov was originally developed by LA Kings in the second round of 2013, after which he was marketed to Carolina Hurricanes during his engagement with Kris Verstie in 2016. He is big, powerful, who uses his size to stand out at a low level and in front of the network. He also has a good shot and high-end pillow skills.

Zikov, a 6-0 goalie from Russia, has shown very good numbers at AHL, but has not been transformed by the NHL at this point. Last year, he scored 33 goals and reached 54 points in 63 Charlotte Chess games, which greatly plays the most points in the team, but in the second – points. He also won three goals and seven points in 10 games with the Carolina NHL last season.

He has a two-year deal with a maximum of $ 675,000, so this claim is virtually no risk. Zikov, in light of his skills and achievements in AHL, is a person who could get burned if it is played in the right situation. If this succeeds, he will be more profitable than his cap. If not, then he can be released from release, and the team can try again with someone else. Perhaps Zykov with Ryan Spooner as the wingers around JJ Khaira, and it's the line of Connor McDavid in double shifts from time to time.

I think Patrick Russell, who does not request relief, will be sent back to AHL Bakersfield to free Zykov. I would like to see Zikov in six roles, but I do not know which of Jesse Puljujarvi, Alex Chiasson or Drake Caggiula would mix it right now.

I wrote about Zykov's acquisition of WWYDW this week, Christian Pagnani suggested that Oilers had to ask him yesterday when he continued to waive his obligation, and Dusty Nielson talked about him yesterday inside the Nation.

SeasonA teamLgeGPGAPointsPIM+/-GPGAPointsPIM
2015 to 16Charlotte CheckersAHL20000-4
2015 to 16Ontario ruleAHL437714207
2016-17Charlotte CheckersAHL6616183457650222
2016-17Carolina HurricanesNHL210101
2017-18Charlotte CheckersAHL6333215445-1384268
2017-18Carolina HurricanesNHL1034724
2018-19Charlotte Girlfriends *AHL620216-1
2018-19Carolina HurricanesNHL130330-1

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