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Do the fighters who leave UFC as free agents have gone in good?

Will the fighters now leave the UFC to make the environmentally-friendly grassland elsewhere back? And how did we reach the point where UFC and Bellator take two events at the weekend? Moreover, what are our favorite (and least favorite) successive celebrations?

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I would not be surprised to see that some of these retreating fighters eventually return to the UFC. I just do not know if it's likely to happen due to a free agency, another promotion job, or, as we saw earlier, when UFC buys a competitor and acquires its contracts. (This latter one is likely to be less likely in an ongoing antitrust court, though …)

For example, take Gegard Mousasi. He left UFC's five-match winning streak, then won another three Bellator, becoming a moderate champion. If he can continue it, do you think the UFC could see him as worthwhile worth?

Or Sage Northcutt. The UFC tried hard to make him a case, then decided that he was not worth the expense when he actually started mourning for the bout who he was originally advertised as. He is still so young that he can go to MMA's legs in one championship or elsewhere and then return to UFC in time.

What I really am interested in is how these defects will affect the attitude of the fighters and fans towards other promotional activities.

If you see your colleagues find happiness and happiness with a competing company, can you rethink your current situation? Now imagine that they can also wear what they want to work and they do not have a superior who will tell everyone how much they suck in a minute, he gets a bit unpleasant with them. Yes, it can change a couple of minds.

Wow, you really know how to paint a guy in the corner.

Obviously I can not choose a room no. 3, because it's impossible to make the series between Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz less distressing with increased output.

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And I have seen enough street fighting films to find out that there is an unbelievable lack of human dignity when it comes to the sidewalk, without the judge to enter and call.

But before I choose the Ultimate Grandma Championship, I have a question. Are only grandmothers fighting with each other, or Gabi Garcia at some point appears and all their heads together? Nevermind, I do not really want to know.

Brother, if it has not happened so far, I have some bad news for you.

What really happens to me about two events for two days – what are you doing right, though both the UFC and Bellator are trying to do it on the same exact weekend – is that you could simply give us a real good event.

For example, find out what UFC expects. You take the main event from Friday's TUF Finale and throw it into a card with the top three races of the Saturday UFC Fight Night 142 and you have a really good cable TV battle card.

But if you divide it and join the TUF Finalist attacks and other assorted stuffing, what you've got is a loud noise that drives away from real fun.

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And it really prevents them. Junior Dos Santos against Tai Tuivasa? All this will be very hard fun. Same with Mark Hunt vs. Justin Willis. And Rafael dos Anjos vs Kamaru Usman at night has the potential to be a real opponent in battle. It's just that, in an effort to get these attacks, the attention they deserve is tough because there is so much to sort things out.

The situation is even worse in Bellator, where there is a decent fight card on Friday, followed by a competition from Italy, in which Alessio Saccarat participates, and absolutely nobody else that has already been heard by a number of fans.

The problem is not just excess; this is the intentional dilution of the product. To make an orange drink, they are expanding profits and they do it right. While MMA promoters consider this to be a smart business, it will not change.

Are all the signatures of the celebration not a small grid? I would not say that I like the orthosis horde generating routine, but I would be disappointed if he was not Do it after knocking out Lydel. And if Liddel was defeated by Ortiz, he would run better in a drill with a crossed arm such as Conan Barbarian, who was raised to Monster Energy Drink.

Although there are some that I can enjoy, I do not even look for them at all. Ronaldo Souza, who carries a gator crawling with his nickname, is one. Derrick Lewis pushing the canvas by sliding yoga pose is another one. Also, every Brazilian fighter who once celebrated with a slinky dance. I mean, come. What kind of monster could hate it?

True, Alistair Overeem once again proved that he could still be dangerous when given the opportunity. Then again, he beat the guy who gave his UFC and two fights took place in the win, losing the bar to a lot of experienced competition.

I have everything to give Overeman his proper dapu. This guy is in his late 30s, he has more than 60 pro battles in only the MMA one, and he can still cave your skull if you give him the chance. But then, there's a lot going on around heavy weight. You must add at least some significant victories before it really does happen anywhere.

Depends on How much would you say that you care about all non-UFC content Fight Pass? You know, for example, fight for tournaments and kickboxing and live from other MMA facilitators? Since if the answer to this question is "not at all" then yes, I would say that you might be able to go ahead and skip your Fight Pass subscription as soon as ESPN succeeds.

Of course, if you're a kind of a common fighting charter that simply can not live without access to the Alaskan Battle Championship events, then well, it might be worth it for you to continue to pay this monthly fee. Then again, how many of these smaller promoters will change their mind about the Fight Pass when it no longer has an exclusive UFC appeal to embed the viewers in the door?

It's difficult to keep track of yourself as "Netflix in the fight against lovers" when your stuff is loaded elsewhere. It might be even harder to pay $ 10 a month for that.

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