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Did Kerri Rawson know that her dad was a killer?


Children who learn parents have secrets – even flaws –
is common. But is your father's discovery a secret serial killer? That is all
another amazing level.

Unfortunately this was exactly what Kerri Rawson did when the police managed to get the notorious BTK Killer. Dennis Rader, husband, father and a respectable community member, police more thfor three decades. Now Kerri Rawson talks about how it was like a serial killer daughter. Her revelations are tempting – and undeniably sad.

What was BTK Killer?

BTK killer
Dennis Rader | Travis Heying-Pool / Getty Images

BTK Killer terrorized Wichita, Kansas area from 1974 onwards. The nickname he gave himself to a series of secret letters he sent to the police is "Bind, Torture, Kill".

Dennis Raders ended up getting caught by the police
a letter he sent back to his church. But his arrest and further investigation meant
Nightmare was just the beginning of his family. In their opinion, they did not
The idea of ​​Rader secretly murdered
for people.

Did Kerri Rawson know that Dad was a killer?

Kerri Rawson describes Rader as a protective, courageous father.
After his arrest she had to face the fact that he was a man
looked at the live lie. “I had to learn how to excite a man who wasn't
dead, someone I really loved, no one else loved anymore, ”Rawson
said 20/20.

Rader began killing fun when he killed Otero's family in 1974. His daughter Kerri was born in the year 1975. She and her mother both claim they have no idea that Rader was a murderer and would never have helped him hide the crimes. In total, BTK Killer killed 10 victims.

Kerri Rawson
Kerri Rawson through Instagram

How did Kerri Rawson help his father convict?

She wasn't aware of it at the time but was Kerri Rawson
helping his father to bring life with him
crimes. In order to build their case, prosecutors had to use DNA evidence
to Link Rader to Crime Scenes | They used Rawson DNA samples for this task
without her permission.

“They found out that I had annual paper swabs and were given a warrant
my medical record, ”Rawson explains 20/20 documentary. “It would have been nice if someone had asked
me on my DNS. I would have liked it. ”

Did Rawson stop talking to his father – BTK Killer?

Dennis Rader
Dennis Rader | Bo Rader-Pool / Getty Images

Rawson describes the moment she discovered true nature
her father was "devastating". But even at that point it was difficult to separate
The man she thought knew what he really was.

The Radon was found guilty of murder and sentenced to 175 years
in prison. After he was imprisoned, he and Rawon began exchanging letters. At a time
the 20/20
she said, "I was not compliant with the CCC. I've never been
complies with BTK. I'm talking to my father. I'm talking to a man that I do
lived and loved for 26 years. “She continued to explain:“ I still love my own
Daddy today. I love the person I knew. I don't know the psychopath … It's not
the man I knew and loved. ”

The radar had similar feelings. Inside
he asked for forgiveness for the letters he sent to Rawson. In his 2005 letter he wrote:
“You will always be mine
a child girl I raised independently and now has grown up with many
years of love give. Life before arrest was a good time and a dark side
took me away. ”

What does Kerri Rawson now think of his father?

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Kerri Rawson (@kerrirawson) shared message

Although she's upset about what he did, Kerri Rawson
after all, the path of forgiveness began
for your well-being. “I realized I was
rot. I not only add my father to him. I had to do it
himself, ”she explained.

“It was great
a long journey, ”said Rawson. “I had a lot of hard work
faith. I returned to the church. I work for my relationship with God,
working on my heart. ”

However, this forgiveness did not apply to everything. She's still
can not get to the lives he destroyed. "I don't forgive him for what he did to other families," says Rawson.
"But I forgive him for what he did to our family."

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