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Daredevil is canceled at Netflix, as the Marvel Voucher cuts down two

The first superhero drama has released three seasons in a streaming giant.

Netflix's Marvel Magazine continues to shrink.

Straying giant has been canceled Daredevil – Marvel first shows the premiere on the platform – after three seasons. Drama Charlie Cox, who plays with stars, is the third Marvel series that Netflix has lifted in the last weeks by joining. Iron fist and Hatch Cage. Only Jessica jones and Honorist Left Netflix, because Marvel's relationship continues to be sour. Removal takes place almost two weeks after the showrunner Erik Oleson arched season four of Daredevil to Netflix and Marvel execs.

Marvel & # 39; s Daredevil Netflix will not return during the fourth season, "Netflix announced on Thursday in a statement." We are very proud of the last and final season of the show, and although it's painful for the fans, we think it's best to close this section with a high note. We are grateful to our partners Marvel, showrunner Erik Oleson, performance writers, star team and incredible actors, including Charlieck Coke as Daredevil himself, and we are grateful to the fans who supported the show over the years. Although the series on Netflix is ​​over, the three existing seasons will remain in service in the coming years, while the Daredevil character will live on in future Marvel projects. "

Cancellation comes as Marvel's corporate parent. Disney is launching its own Netflix Disney + competitor. This direct consumer service will display the popular Marvel series, including one centered on Loki, the goddess of evil, main star Tom Hiddleston. Disney announced in advance plans to pull out all of its "Marvel" feature films from Netflix and post them only on Disney +. (Black Panther, Doctor Strange and Galactic Guardians currently in Netflix stream – now.) Sources point out Hollywood reporter that the remaining "Marvel" series for Netflix – Jessica jones and Daredevil spinoffs Honorist – will remain at the peak until they run on the basis of the company's initial five-day offer (included since cancellation) Hatch Cage, Iron fist and mashup miniseries Guards)

Marvel and Netflix's relationship are tense in talks Hatch Cage. Possible third-season scripts were made only when Netflix and Marvel could not agree on the new season. Sources say that the total number of episodes included in the editions was due to the fact that Netflix wanted to reduce the standard score from 13 to 10 to increase the number of episodes. In addition, in almost all Marvel drama programs, Netflix encountered creative issues that resulted in a whirlwind series, including Daredevil, iron fist and Jessica jones. (Last, who will return to his third season in 2019, she saw the creator / exhibition Melissa Rosenberg to rent a bargain deal with Warner Bros. TV.)

Decision on cancellation Daredevil arrives because Netflix has been looking for other features to turn into profitable franchise times by leveraging more of its content. (All Marvel show owners are a comic book powerhouse because Netflix has to pay a license fee for Disney's ABC Studios.) Recent offers have included a massive pact The Chronicles of Narnia, which it plans to turn into a film and television series, as well as contracts with comic book producer Mark Millar for several TV shows and films (and comics). Just this week, Netflix signed an eight-character contract for the property of Roald Dahl, the creator of a series of animated TV series based on works, including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


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