Tuesday , March 21 2023

Check out all the best responses to sailplanes that return to Fortnite


Glider reprogramming returns Fortnite as an item and the reactions to it range from jubilee to pure salt.

Glider redeploy was originally introduced by Fortnite using LTM and spent three weeks in season 6 as a major part of the game.

Now it returns to play as a limited-use item that takes up inventory. For a more nuanced discussion of whether it is positive or negative, see this list of glider overflows pros and cons of Fortnite.

It is not an article of nuance, it is an article about dumb.

Let's start with people who are happy about moving gliders to return.

People who support Glider Redeploy

The popular stream timthetatman and CouRage JD both quickly responded to the original announcement on Twitter.

SypherPK seemed to have returned, but when he found out that it was an object he quickly got on board.

People against glider movements

Myth was the most pronounced negative reaction to change:

The community / r / FortniteCompetitive organizes a meme weekly in the community on Monday, so when the news came out today, they made a series of negative reactions.

Everyone tomorrow is trying to find FortniteCompetitive from those that glide over them

Epic Games are dancing while the competing company is slowly dying from FortniteCompetitive

This step after reinstalling Twitter from FortniteCompetitive

7.20 update from FortniteCompetitive at a glance

While everyone else was silent, TSM Daequan slipped off some possible ways to reduce the glider of the glider.

He went on to say that he was against the re-planning of the gliders who returned to the game, but if so, it was the format he wanted.

Interestingly, the two most popular watches (Ninja and Tfue) were silent on this issue, and their answers / opinions to the public court could be very important.

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