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Celine Dion's children's clothing line, which the priest is called "Satan"

This week, Celine Dion launched a gender neutral baby clothing brand in collaboration with Nunun called CELINUNUNU. She announced her release by using a video camera in which she entered the hospital nursery and blushed with black shimmer for newborn babies, pink and blue. Surprisingly, their outfit turns into black and white, stopping clothes until it is no longer covered with native colors. But, according to the longtime Catholic pastor and exorcist Monsignor John Essef of Pennsylvania, Dion's new brand and relevant video are "definitely Satanic."

"People behind it are affecting children who are disturbing," Essef said to the National Catholic Register. "It is definitely satanic, and behind it is passion – organized thinking." However, CELINUNUU considers itself to be a brand that "liberates children from the traditional roles of boys / girls and allows young people to grow in values ​​of equivalence with the freedom to strengthen their own personal power on the basis of mutual respect . "

Essef, whose stance is that "the way this gender is spread is demoniacal" is not the only one. When CELINUNUU first fell, he received mixed reviews. Some were thrilled what line they are moving in the way they consider to be the right direction, while others express their dissatisfaction. Shortly after Dion announced the brand, Fox News released a segment in which they said that the CELLULAR video was "worrying symbolism." Patti Armstrong, the national Catholic registry who first contacted Essef, seems to agree with writing that "children-centered child-focused topics [sic]"and encouraging readers to join her asking for children wearing CELINE.

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Essef, who has been exorcist for more than 40 years in Scranton, PA, claims that the "demonic dimension" of CELLULAR is deep, although the company insists that their goal is to "allow [children] so that they may be, and that their choice be guided by the true essence and in the free spirit, not only stereotypes or norms. "

It seems that the brand idea of ​​empowerment is this exorcist idea of ​​demonic rule.

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