Monday , April 19 2021

CBS pays Eliza Dushku $ 9.5 million in sexual harassment

<img src = "" class = "lede-image" data- src = "" data-content-img = "" alt = " Eliza Duško and Michael Weatherly for Bull. "/>

Eliza Duško and Michael Weatherly for Bull.
Photo: CBS Photo Archive / CBS using Getty Images

According to a bomb's new report from New York Time, CBS paid out to actress Elisha Duško this year for a mysterious $ 9.5 million after her complaints about sexual harassment Bull, one of the network's key time displays. Shockingly, after Dusco made his demands, one of the leading CBS lawyers tried to discredit them using video clips about her curses when they had certain information, apparently not realizing that the video also clearly documented cases of sexual harassment.

Dushku had signed a three-season contract with "well-developed" plans to keep him on stage, Time says But after filing a complaint about a serial star Michael Weatheroly's repeated inappropriate behavior, her chances of staying on the show were raging and she was written off. Dushku Settlement is the latest story about sexual exploitation scandals from the network.

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