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Canucks Post Game: Gudbranson Brava, Luongo Heritage


Points to Consider Because Canucks spoke about winning the game before passing any results, and they did a way to find a way to get Roberto Luongo 5-1 Triumphant Sunday over Panthers, who tied them to the final Western Conference – Card Shutdown

Matheson Payback: Check, tick, tick, flourish

It happened to be something important to steal Luongo's attention.

Returning to Mike Matheson hit Elias Pettersson? Goal of Nikolai Goldobin? Inactive power in life?

Even in one of the uncertainties about how Canucks was looking for revenge on Matheson, the Florida defender drilled Pettersson on the final boards and threw his head on the ice on October 13 at Sunrise, Fla. was still a sidebar.

Luongo was a story. He is always there. He got Luooos. Matheson got a booze.

"The best way to moisten it in your faces and get back to them is to get two points," said Bo Horvat, before Matheson took revenge on the fall.

"It's all about victory today," coach Traviss Green added. "We're two points from the wildcard spot."

That's what you expect from everyone. In fact, everyone wanted a Matheson. Your star player releases six games because he was attached and caught after Pettersson Matheson was turned on. There was a payback. You just knew it. But first, Canucks had to answer the call.

"It was a great game and I think our team game was phenomenal," said Green. "We didn't really have much of an opportunity, and Luongo saved them in the first two periods. I loved our game tonight. ”

Brandon Sutter and Jay Beagle finished early and hardly checked Matheson and Antoine Roussel wanted some blue spacer. He had to fight to fight but wouldn't. And then with Matheson on the ice as a spectator, Michael Haley was jostling with Josh Leivo and then had to fight with Erik Gudbrans in the long-running first-period battle.

Maybe some of Matheson's pre-game teasers gave it to the locker. Green said he had never addressed his team. He didn't. Especially after Matheson Court.

"I think everything (after October 13) was a bit pathological," he began. "It is not something I have talked about before and after the day, and to this day I am not satisfied with the suspension because I knew what my intentions were and what was being done was not.

“It was unsatisfactory. But when I say that, I understand it and I know where the league is and want to protect their players. Whenever this happens, it's important to reach and see if he (Pettersson) is good. I don't mean to do that. If I were a guy of the kind who wanted to do it, I wouldn't care, but obviously I'm doing it. So I reached. ”

It's all good and good, but it wasn't good enough. Especially when Gudbranson was in the ice against the fourth line and Haleia. But he had to be smart about it.

"Especially in one goal game, you don't want to take the initiator's penalty and take the risk," said Gudbranson. "The guys tried (fighting against Matheson). “It's not a race, and it's not a wild west as before. I think Petey would rather get two points rather than putting ourselves in a bad place with one goal. "

What Gaudrans resonated with his teammates. They are galvanized and the D-man got the sticks when he left the penalty area. And even when Haley was on ice for 10 seconds left in the game, Canucks had already made his point. They won the game. They were fined.

"I know that Petey would like to play this game and we did it for him," Horvat said. "There's no action with this stuff (in the last 10 seconds) because the game is over, the fight has been and Guddy did his job. There was no reason to further stir the pot. I think we did the best we could, and we joined the team again. ”

As for the way Gaudrans responded to the call, it was not noticed.

"I went to the ice with him in this shift, and I knew something would happen," Horvat said. “So he can answer a tough guy, it's not an easy contest, and Judy looked easy or so good. It pumped us up.

"To get it (in the battle) in the first period, we left it and got up. We may not say that in the media, but we do not forget what happened (in Florida). There was history and emotion high. ”

Vintage Luongo: The performance is not his last?

Each local Luongo observation restores the polarizing debate.

Does the franchisor deserve the Canucks number in winning and winning? Or if he were in the ring of honor? There was no discussion about what his last appearance of Rogers Arena might be, the 39-year-old stoppage is still a game. Although his numbers were unusually bad (3.36 gates against the average, 0.891 saves interest) in his first 22 trips. he rescued 31 glasses instead of empty zeros and finished with 32 stops.

During the first period Luongo fired the glove hand to rob Brock Boeser. He then took a mask with Boeser's wrist, got the glove to save Loui Eriksson along the wing and took the other Boeser from the side of the mask.

It took 21 shots to finally beat Luongo when Eriksson redirected Pettersson in the second period. He came down to Mike Hoffman's cross ice pass in the defense zone, went all over and waited for Luongo to get his first goal in nine games.

"I had the feeling that he (Hoffman) would hand it over to his D-man," said Erikson, who had a three-point night. “I just tried to turn and I have a good stick and I could pick it up for this opportunity. At first Ripis struck a little, and I think he expects me to shoot it right away, but I was able to hold it and go around him.

"It was nice to finally get the result."

Green said: "This line (Eriksson-Beagle-Motte) was really good, and we needed them tonight because we were playing against the two highest lines and released us to play the Bo line against their fourth and third line. And when we have this advantage, it's good. ”

Then Luongo got a glove on Markus Granlund's shot and kidnapped Motte. How can he go away after such a day?

"It is understandable that people are curious, but to be honest with you, I don't know myself," said Luongo from the future of the game. “I have no answer. I'd like to play as long as possible. I still like to play the game. Right now, I'm a bit of a tough time, but as soon as I leave, I'll be back where I need to be, and it will be fun again.

“It's always nice to come back here. Fans are great. It is always special to me. There will always be a special place in my heart. It takes a little more despair (for us to win). It starts with me. ”

Croatian Hope: They join the group

Injury and indifferent play meant that Horvat would play with many wings.

Bo Horvat puts Roberto Luongo wide on Sunday.



The performance of the center ranged from the exclusion guy to the straight forward scoring guy and, despite the fact that there are currently nine non-goal games, there is a reason for optimism. With the reunion of Sven Baertschi and Boeser, the first wave of attack is far more cruel and potential.

Horvat, who had six shots on Thursday, had four on the first Sunday, and again had a chance. He put the power play on the net and put Troy Stecher's food directly on his back. Boeser had two shots from the Luongo mask and the line was combined with 11 shots and 15 attempts.

"I think that tonight we are good and have created a lot of irregularities and chances," said Horvats. “We know each other and know where each other will be and who did a good job tonight. We are there with a (wildcard) place. "

Markstrom runs, Hutton scores

Jacob Markstrom didn't see much rubber, but he had to make a couple tough to save Jared McCann (rebound) and Evgeni Dadonov (jam) before Frank Vatrano scored. As for Ben Hutton, it was his dash from the spot to deposit Stecher's rebound, which made it 2-1 before Boeser and Beagle scored empty goals, and Markus Granlund ended the rating.

"I and Stechy spoke before the lottery and he told me I was going back to the door and I laughed, but he said it seriously," Hutton said about his fifth season goal. "He put me straight on the plate, and we're happy to go to the net in practice. It turned out to be good. ”

OVERTIME – Chris Tanev dropped awkwardly on the end-of-the-shifts, and returned to the bench before. The power game is now 0-on-12 in the last four games.

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