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Bloomberg Just Leaked Information about Apple Next iPhone, iPads and iOS 13 (Dark Mode!)

Bloomberg they only have detailed upcoming features in Apple's next iPhone, iPads, and iOS 13 versions, explaining what might come next year.

The iPhone XI Rear Camera System is powered by @OnLeaks

iPhone with 3D cameras

According to unnamed sources, the next iPhone is considered to be a "stronger 3-D camera as soon as it is next year, which is believed to be a plan for deeper augmented reality efforts.

Bloomberg says that the longer-range 3D camera on the back runs up to 15 feet from the iPhone, scanning space and creating 3D images.

The possible system will also place the laser scanner for longer distances to better capture depth, while the third camera will also be part of the setup, as well as upgraded processors and photo capture tools, which are said to come in future versions of the iPhone, say sources.

Apple's plans for the 3D camera system were tied to the iPhone in 2019, but it's obviously delayed.

Sony can deliver sensors to this new system, consider sources as Apple has talked to a Japanese company.

2019 iPhone Lineup – With USB-C?

In 2019, Apple will release the latest iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models by demanding sources, the code name D42 and D43 for the last two high-end models. The successor to the iPhone XS Max includes three cameras at the back, people who are familiar with this issue.

The third iPhone camera says it helps to capture a wider field of view and wider zoom while taking in more pixels. Apple also plans to improve Live Photos, which would increase the length of the video from 3 to 6 seconds.

Apple is also testing USB-C for this year's iPhone models as previously rumored. In 2019, iPhone models have an upgraded processor as well as a new face ID version, but the design is similar to the 2018 models. More radical changes are expected in 2020, when Apple will announce the launch of the iPhone with a 5G modem.

Earlier this month, they claimed to be discharged by displaying an iPhone camera system with three cameras.

New iPad Pro with 3D camera and updated iPad and iPad mini

For this rumored laser powered 3D camera system, sources say it could debut in Apple's iPad Pro update, which is said to be coming out in the spring of 2020.

Apple's iPad iPad also refreshes in the spring with a "about 10-inch screen" along with a faster processor, while maintaining its lightning port, namely sources. The current screen size is 9.7 inches.

For the Apple iPad mini, a new version comes out, which is considered cheaper, the first major update since 2015, says these people familiar with this issue.

iOS 13 with dark mode

For iOS 13, which is expected to debut again at WWDC this year, Bloomberg reports that it will have a long-awaited dark mode similar to that available with MacOS Mojave, while CarPlay is also getting a new improvement.

iOS 13 will create new iPad updates, including a "new home screen, capability tab, using multiple versions of one app, such as web browser pages, and enhancements to file management."

Also this year will be integrated Apple rumored magazine subscription service and original video content service.

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