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Black Desert XBox One Preview – Trade My Way Up


Black Desert XBox One Preview - Trade My Way Up

A few years ago, when I first signed up for the Black Desert Online computer, I was shocked at how amazingly beautiful it looked. Black Desert Online is demanding and one of the most impressive genre games, so at this point I never thought it could work on the console.


A few years later, the forerunner, and now the black desert is open in the beta version of the Xbox One – of course, the console has already come to an end, I do not think it was ever possible to be sniffing. Now in the open beta, the Black Desert version is Pearl Abyss's massively popular franchise version, created from the Microsoft Consoles. And with the Xbox One X 4K gaming mode, the studio wants to ensure that players can make the most out of their investment. We were able to handle the Xbox One X's Black Desert this weekend and it was an experience that impressed me and was longing for more when I put it down.

Play the Sandbox

The black desert begins to feel with some of the tasks that are related to the black spirit that you own, but you soon discover that it's more than just questing. Each large system in the black desert plays in others, for example, the collection of food to prepare it, or the planting of fields, as well as the planting of groundwater and groundwater, and the humidity of the area itself. The Black Desert is undoubtedly an array of open passenger sandboxes, and that's what we have not seen before in the console. Convinced that huge games have been released, such as the latest Rockstar game, Red Dead Redemption 2, but there is something about satisfaction with spending hours to satisfy this wild horse that you count on.

And really, this is the key point: the black desert will take you time And unfortunately, except to fight these systems, in fact this is not well explained in the game. However, since it has been on a computer for many years, it can be learned. It's just a shame that they do not find the game right.

My black desert has always been researching and making its mark in the world, whether it's like a dealer selling goods all over the world, or a horse breeder, or a simple traveling battleship and the execution of various quests that the Black Desert can offer. The surrounding world is richly detailed, ranging from Tuscan inspirational homes to towns to large, strong castles such as Heidelle, the Black Desert, and no surprise in the world.

Astonishing release

Remember when I said I was not convinced that the Black Desert would ever work on the console? I was even more surprised when I first started booting and received a refresh rate of 60 frames per second. Now it's not completely stable at 60 frames / s, it's often lacking in the middle of the last century during some battles, but in most games I noticed that it says framerate is pretty good. Although it's open in the beta, it will be interesting to see if it improves over time.

The Black Desert allows you to switch native 4K resolution (although it requires restart to activate), but discounts of 30 frames per second refresh. However, this regime was not played for me because it was constantly immersed in the low 20-year-old teenagers. The 4K looks incredible, but while it's not optimized better, it's not the one I'd choose to play in the black desert in the Xbox One X version.

Visually the Black Desert looks amazing – and I do not think that easy. However, there is a lot of pop, especially for the player and the incredibly detailed cities that bring the world. While the new Remaster is a better version, Black Desert is still one of the best games on the Xbox until now. The creator of the friendship is also presented in complete glory, allowing him to fully customize his avatar from his cheekbones to the length of his fingers. Of course, it's a little bit difficult at the start of the control of the character maker and it is not clearly marked where you are going to actually start changing the individual parts of the character (you must switch to the camera icon when you are the creator), but as soon as you get it hang, the results can be quite unique. The Black Desert is one of the – or not – the most complete character makers in any game, and although it is a shame that classes are blocked by gender, it is still much more adaptable to display.

But how does it work?

Speaking of classes, the Black Desert begins on the Xbox One with only six classes: a warrior, reiner, magic, berserker, witch and wizard – though more paths will be added. The PC version has more than 10 different classes and, although some of them have clear attempts to provide different genders with the same roles, the lack of Xbox breaks down the stick a bit.

On the PC, I played mostly like magic, so I first tried this class to see how the battle transforms into a gaming pad. The combination of the computer has always been the onset of the Black Desert – the fluid way it is set out in the mouse and keyboard triumphs is no other action RPG is repetitive. And for the most part, this feeling is kept on the Xbox One.

Using a combination of faces, trigger and bumper buttons, the black desert can tip over quite easily from the fingertips. Playing like magic, sudden spikes mixed with fast pacts, and energy blast felt incredibly satisfactory. My knight charged a shield to destroy an enemy group, catching them from the guards, while strike a strike in my sword after a strike.

However, Ranger is the class I spent most of my time. There was something completely thrilling that rounded 15 enemies by jumping back and while the air flow lifted the ground with hail corners, dropped down and immediately fell down the road and shot more arrows at once. Fighting in the black desert is slick, fluid and exciting – and it fits perfectly into the game pad.

This does not mean that the control scheme has no problems. A small right stick stick grip on your camera towards your path point, which can be an incredibly annoying battle of heat. Early on Black Spirit you have to keep "A" to move faster, but it actually LT is sprinting. Many of the black desert menus are hidden by the ring menus attached to your D-Pad, giving you quick access to potions, artwork, your skills, a map, and more. This is the only way to access certain menus at all, such as the above processing menu, because it does not have space in the start menu. You can also tie emotes to these ring menus, which means you can really wander on this guy there.

When I settled my ranger in the last few days, exploring the map on my newly acquired horse, I reached the largest city of Heidel near the center of the map. I realized when my horse maneuvered that, in two hours, I had not completed any task – I just explored and set up resource nodes with employees to collect materials for me. As incredible as the battle, the black desert is so much more than that. And when the Xbox One enters Open Beta, it will be interesting to see how the economy and community are evolving around the world. Everything I know I will be there, farming and horse breeding in my way up.

Access to Open Beta was provided for PR and the developer for preview purposes.

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