Sunday , April 18 2021

Bellator beat UFC to a Hawaiian punch

On January 26, UFC and Bellator had to show off in the Los Angeles area. It would be the first time that the campaigns built their caches so close together that same night since September 2014, when Bellator leased the room to Moegan's sun in Connecticut, and the UFC put Fight Night just 10 miles down the Foxwoods Road Mashantucket. It was the night when Stefan Bonnar and Tito Ortiz had an uncomfortable confrontation, and Bonnar, slightly against the convention, introduced a situation that was soft and heavy in the name of Justin McCully.

In my opinion, Bellator got this battle head against his head. And it also won this, just as it was announced on Wednesday that UFC 233, which took place in Anahāhe, was later postponed. Regardless of whether it was something related to Bellator or not, it is left to your deductions – but over the past few years, there have been many games, mostly indirect trolling (from Bellator) with small snobs (from the UFC)

This weekend is no other thing – Bellator is quite difficult to move the UFC to Hawaii, not with one event, but with two. The UFC, which has Honolulu champion in Max Holloway, has not yet visited the islands. Scott Coker? At this particular moment, he wears a bright shade of lei with a freshly collected plummer. Why smile on face

In White April White announced it was impossible to get Octagon to Hawaii. "I tell you guys here today, we worked on it," he said. "Hawaii was held this year, and there were tourist tables there [Hawaii Tourism Authority]. So this will not happen in the near future, but we were prepared and ready to go there this year. It does not happen. "

As Max Holloway could say, that's what it is. Bellator did not receive the same note. Bellator is in Paradise while UFC is based in Milwaukee. Coker beat Dana White on the punch.

And he knows that.

And UFC knows it.

And freaking Max Holloway – who is so upset when UFC makes him travel to a cold climate that he chose Toronto Island 10 – also earns well.

"I do not know what that is," Holloway said in a MMA Fighting last week, but was angry at Ontario's cold weather. "I'm proud of the fact that Bellator goes and I hope the event goes super well so that we can say UFC looks like these guys are very good. I'm glad Ilima [Macfarlane]. Hawaiian pride. This girl she did. She took it home. I am so proud of him. "

And here Max grew up in a knowledgeable way about the no geese who visit his beaches.

"I can not wait to go home," Holloway said. "I go home, mark your words. UFC Hawaii will be in my age. If I have to fight with my grandmother, my mother … if I have to fight Dana White with a boxing game, I get this card. I do not care if I'm Preliminary, I'm the main event. It will come to fruition. "

Poor Max He simply puts on one of his all-time performances against Brian Ortega – a four-time clinic in which he relapsed his beats with a strong stable – UFC 231 in Canada. A week later, Bellator visited a place where he (literally) asked the UFC to arrange the event, as he got a slightly lightweight title. On Friday night, the Bellator 212 will feature between Michael Chandler and Brent Primus. On Saturday night, this is the frivolous women's title fight between Ilima-Lei Macfarlane and Valerie Letourneau.

Why does Max want to fight at home so badly? Conor McGregor really came to UFC when he fought in 2015 with his fellow Dubliners. Stipe Miocic hosted UFC 203 during Quilted as a hero while he was swimming Alistair Overeem. The capital city of La Plata Santiago Ponzinibbio was awarded the city keys when he beat Neil Magny in Argentina. Fighters who have been given the opportunity to fight against their compatriots or fellow islanders are immediately given a kind of cult status in their homeland.

This is a matter of inheritance, as it is pride.

So this week, Bellator enters Macfarlane's home to defend his lightweight title, and we'll see how the Hawaiians get him. In order to attract things, Lyoto Machida makes her promotional debut by Rafael Carvalho. If this were not enough, Ed Ruth and Neiman Gracie will continue the semi-final part of the average weight grand prix. Oh, and Muhammed Lawal struggling with Liam McGeary. It is a strong map.

Stronger than UFC FOX 31, UFC's latest show of flags before embarking on a new deal with ESPN? Kevin Lee vs. Al Jakinta is a good fight, but it's not a special an event One of them happens to be close to a number of beer varieties with nurseries from other places. The other is Hawaiian champion home, on islands where there is a lack of MMA for ten years. Hopefully Bellator was good enough to leave Max Holloway some calling tickets.

In any case, the game continues. Dana said that he could not, and when he heard that, Coker went ahead and did it. From a 5000 mile distance you can almost find out what he says … it sounds like …


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