Monday , April 19 2021

Be ready to fight the super-bloody wolf moon in Vancouver

Are you ready to cry

Vancouver will be the largest full month in more than a decade; yet still more impressive the full moon is still in the latest year.

Known as the "Super Blood Wolf Moon," this incredible astral display reflects the overall ecliptic of the Moon, as the Moon slides under the shadows of the Earth. In January last year, Earthling had an open eclipse for the "Super Blue Moon's moon", but it would not be considered a blue moon.

Super Blood Wolf Moon
Vancouver Night Full Moon from Stanley Park / Shuttertaok

Why a crazy awesome name?

For one, the full moon of January is usually referred to as the "moon of the wolf" regardless of the year. In fact, it's called this name for decades.

"In Native American and early colonial times, Full Moon was called Full Wolf Moon in January, which appeared when wolves were hungry outside hunger," explains Old Farmer's Almanac.

The start of this spectacular celestial event will take place on January 21 and will take place until January 22nd.

"The night from January 21 to 22, Full Wolf Moon runs through the northern part of the North, creating Total Lunar Eclipse," describes The Weather Network. "For the extra bonus, because the Moon will be very close to the perigee – its closest distance to the Earth – it will be the Super Blood Wolf Moon, the total Lunar Eclipse."

The stars should strive to travel as far away as possible from city lights to avoid light pollution that obscures the clarity of heavenly bodies. Although it works best in outermost locations, there will also be more ideal viewing environments wherever there is a higher altitude.

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