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Aphria will offer cannabis-infusion for oral use in the next bands next year – Aphria Inc. (NYSE: APHA)




November 5th Aphria (NYSE: APHA) (TSE: APHA) announced an agreement with Rapid Dose Therapeutics (OTCQX: VRNDF) ("RDT") as a global, exclusive license for QuickStrip technology in both the medical and adult cannabis markets.

QuickStrip is a soluble oral cavity (such as Listerine Pocketpak) that allows for a consistent and accurate dose of cannabis – not available when smoking or avoiding cannabis use. In combination with the inclusion of cannabinoids in a more water-soluble form, QuickStrips can also avoid some of the issues that arise from oral doses of cannabis (such as tablets and meals), such as a late start, which can result in users receiving too much cannabis .

If Aphria can deliver a fast-acting product in a convenient format, it can be popular for potential users who want a secret but quick dose of cannabinoids, making it easier to use in public places and at work. Aphria plans to launch QuickStrip products in 2019.

Quick Dose Announcement

On November 5, Aphria announced a partnership with Rapid Dose Therapeutics:

"Aphria Inc. today announced it has signed an agreement with Rapid Dose Therapeutics Inc. (" RDT "), which grants the Company an exclusive global license to license, manufacture, distribute and market innovative, proprietary RDT QuickStrip ™ technology to both the medical and adult cannabis market .

The company plans to launch the production of oral cavity in its manufacturing plants in Leamington, Ontario, in 2019. "

Aphria press release, November 5, 2018

Under the agreement, Aphria receives an exclusive worldwide license for RDT QuickStrip's cannabis technology. This deal follows the September 5 Memorandum of Understanding between Aphria and RDT.

The parties involved in this transaction are Aphria and RDT. Aphria is a Canadian cannabis company with a market share of around $ 4 billion, while RDT is a privately owned biotech company with a market cap of $ 55 million (it is estimated that Aphria has purchased 9.7% of the stock in August for $ 5.4 million) In this article, I will review QuickStrip technology and how this technology can help Aphria with cannabis dosing, especially for medical purposes.

QuickStrip technology

QuickStrip is a drug supply system where chemicals can be inserted into the mouth in a thin strip that users can place in their tongue. The tape dissolves quickly when exposed to saliva, and then the medicine enters the bloodstream. These strips are similar to Listerine Pocketpak – a popular breath tape that dissolves in the user's tongue.

The Quick Dose currently offers several different products using QuickStrip technology, including QuickStrip Energy and QuickStrip Sleep (melatonin) as well as pharmaceuticals. According to the new President of Africa (from November 2nd) Jakob Ripstein:

"Aphria is excited to radically transform how patients and consumers combine cannabis in their lives and to introduce the QuickStrip ™ technology, a product that is different from others, in the cannabis market. [] This agreement with RDT further demonstrates Aphria's commitment to offer cutting-edge products and innovations that meet the needs of each consumer. Next, QuickStrip ™ technology will help reduce consumer interests by providing a product that provides a consistent and accurate dosage form."

Aphria press release, November 5, 2018

Hemp dosing issues

Medical cannabis suffers from dosing problems. The easiest way to eat cannabis is to smoke or to dry powdered flowers. This method of consumption is suitable for many recreational purposes, but has some medical facilities, including inaccurate dosing and poor ability to control which cannabinoids are given to the patient and in what proportions.

Smoking cannabis suffers from inaccurate dosage. It is difficult or impossible to accurately determine the dose when smoking or spending hemp. The amount of cannabinoids entering the smoker's bloodstream will depend on how much cannabis they smoke, how they smoke, how deep they inhale and how long they have smoke in the lungs, and the amount of cannabinoids in the particular part of the plant that the user smokes.

In addition, when smoked dried flowers, a limited number of different cannabinoid profiles are available. There are over 100 different cannabinoids and they have a different effect. The relative quantities of each cannabinoid will vary depending on the strains of cannabis and vary between different plants of the same strain. In addition, the total number of available different cannabinoid profiles will be limited to what cannabis growers can produce. This means that dried flowers can deliver only a few cannabinoid mixtures and do not necessarily exceed the same mixture.

To become a wider accepted medical product, cannabis companies are trying to cure at least some of these disadvantages.

When used with hemp, it orally cures some of these issues and other health and aroma problems, but raises other issues. For example, cannabis smoking is much faster than dishes. According to the study, smoking of cannabis starts in a few minutes, the maximum effect appears after 20-30 minutes, and after 2 to 3 hours, the psychoactive effect will decrease. The diet is made much longer to act (30 to 90 minutes), the maximum is 2-4 hours after taking and the effect is much longer. At the time of cannabis use, users are exposed to more cannabis – often more cannabis than is needed:

"Although food is often considered safe, discreet and effective means to achieve the therapeutic and / or intoxication of cannabis without compromising the risk of cannabis smoking, few studies have evaluated how the ingestion is different from other cannabis methods. Therapeutic effects, subjective effects and safety conditions The greatest difference between the inhalation and inhalation of cannabis extracts is the delayed exposure of the drug to the intake. Consumers often do not understand the use of this food and may consume more than the prescribed amount of medicine before starting to use the medicine and this often causes serious side effects.."

Delicious THC: promises and challenges for cannabis dishes (2016).

How to use QuickStrips

The Aphria licensing agreement with RDT should relieve some of the issues raised by smoking cannabis and may also provide a better effect than dietetic foods.

Unlike the dried flower, each QuickStrip contains an exact dose of cannabinoid and can only contain cannabinoid or a combination of cannabinoids, no matter what you can find in nature. However, not only is QuickStrips, but a cannabis tablet can achieve this goal.

In addition, unlike dried flowers, QuickStrips relieves some of the health problems associated with cannabis smoking (such as some cancers and bronchitis) and also eliminates smoking problems associated with cannabis smoking. It can be especially useful for medical users in school or workplace settings. But again, this is not just QuickStrips – the tablets also share this advantage, although QuickStrips may be more comfortable in some settings because you do not need to drink to reject QuickStrip.

(Mother and Clone)

Unlike tablets, QuickStrips can allow hemp effects that are much faster to operate. QuickStrips dissolves in the mouth of the user and potentially can be sublingually absorbed through the underlying tongue.

"The obvious benefits [sublingual delivery] systems have known cannabinoid concentrations, pre-defined dose aliquots and time-varying systems that can help prevent over-use. "

Medical marijuana: the release of foot smoke (2012).

How fast a cannabis works when it is dissolved in a user's mouth depends on the way in which cannabinoids are encapsulated. The THC itself is not very soluble in water. As a result, non-encapsulated THC will not be absorbed sublingually, but will mostly end up swallowing. The effect of divergent THC is the same as with other meals – it will take about an hour and will peak in about three hours.

However, THC can also be encapsulated in a water-soluble particle so that it can operate under the language. For example, THC may be encapsulated in nanoparticles or liposomes. The first example is the deal with Delta 9 Cannabis (OTCQX: VRNDF) with Nanosphere to use the Nanosphere Delivery System platform to deliver cannabis in the bloodstream and cells.

Perhaps products from Aphria based on QuickStrip technology will encapsulate their cannabinoids to allow sublingual delivery rather than tilting cannabinoids. This would ensure greater bioavailability, faster start, and prevent liver transplantation (transforming delta-9-THC into 11-hydroxy-THC). This, like the other QuickStrips case, will also make it easy to use a thin strip and accurately enter the desired cannabinoid or cannabinoid mixture.


The Aphria deal with RDT is a potentially interesting direction to Aphria. This will allow Aphria's unique dosing method, which will allow accurate, discreet use of hemp. This precise dosing – and the potential for rapid exposure – could be very appealing to the cannabis medical community. Recreational users can also enjoy this dosage form, given the success of Listerine PocketPak.

In turn, QuickStrip technology will not prevent slow cooking. If QuickStrip places regular cannabinoids, they swallow rather than absorb sublingual due to low water solubility. Thus, the effect would be the same as for meals – with the phenomenon of about an hour and the user's ability to use too much if they do not receive a prompt response from their medication.

Aphria will most likely encapsulate its QuickStrip cannabinoids in water-soluble particles, for example, using liposome encapsulation. This would allow cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream and cells sublingually, causing a much faster start-up, much more like cannabis than pills. The absorption of sublubricians can also avoid liver, causing delta-9-THC effects and reducing the effects of 11-hydroxy-THC.

Thanks to this deal, Aphria can offer a unique product for both medical and recreational users, leading to quick product control, controlled dosing and user-friendly delivery system.

Aphria plans to offer products in 2019 using QuickStrip technology. The weather will tell you how popular these products are for medical purposes or for recreational purposes.

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