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Anthem Fragmented Launch Risks That Destroy What Makes Online Games Great

Remember when the games just came out? They had a day of liberation. On this release day, or perhaps at night, you go to the store, give the person the money, the same amount as everyone else, and go with a game that you can go home and start playing immediately. It was nice.

AnthemNo output. Instead it is such a spiral EA released a chart Try to help people understand when people can play BioWare's developed world shooter. How early and how long you can play Anthem In mid-February, it depends on the things you own and how much money you have agreed to automatically debit from your bank account each month.

If you buy Anthem on your computer and you have an original Premier subscription for $ 15 a month, you can start playing the game on February 15th. If you only have a $ 5 per month access pass, you can start playing on February 15th, but only 10 hours. You can also do this with the Xbox One with a $ 5 monthly EA Access subscription. Everyone who does not have a subscription, or if you play PS4, will have to wait until February 22 to start playing.

It is unnecessarily complicated and somewhat depressed. The release of a new online multiplayer game is a bit like a concert. What's great. Concerts are fun. Except when you feel that you are getting nickel and concealed to get the best experience, or if your friends are in the pit, but you're stuck on the lawn.

In other words, part of the excitement around Anthem becomes part of a new community looking for a new world. It's never fun when the gate that shares the shared experience is divided into levels and depends on the platform you play or how much money you pay.

It is not a new trend for EA or other companies, but it is definitely becoming more common and more complex, especially as its subscription service levels are increasing. Things like EA Access, Origin Access and even Origin Premier can be great in themselves, giving people the chance to try out different games from the extensive demo library libraries available to all subscribers. When they become a tool to further stratify the audience for a particular game, they still play the game. If EA uses early access, people can spend money on these services because they sell Anthem $ 60 is not profitable enough, as a lighter way could be just $ 70 to charge and let anyone start playing together at the same time, no charts are needed.

Earlier, one player today was Twitter Anthem Twitter account and asked why PS4 players had no way to get another head as everyone else. Jonathan Warner, Game Director replied saying that EA Access is not the choice of PS4 owners from BioWare's hands, and strongly agree on EA and Sony. "If it were up to me, we would all play the same day," he wrote.

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