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Anthem Demo Tips – Anthem Wiki Guide


The Hemo Demo is a two-week event with a variety of things. In this wiki you will learn our tips on how to get the most out of the demo and key information (for example, when you unlock the other devil) you need to know before making big decisions.

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The anthem demonstration has no training and does not include everything that will be in the final game. For example, the gaming economy, the XP rate and others are diverted from the way they are in the final version of Haem. We hope that the tips below will help you discover some details about the anthem demo.

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Customization and Fort Tarsis[[[[edit]

  • When you first arrive at the hymn, you will be asked a story expedition called Triple Threat. You can play or walk through Fort Tarsis to collect other tasks from the NPC.
  • Cortex items are a collectible item in Fort Tarsis, but many of them are demo. You may not worry about getting them.
  • Forge (the place where you can choose your load and adjust your devil) is available in the Forwarding menu.
  • You can customize your Spear Forge for free and you can save customized load data.
  • All specialty customization items you buy will cost 25 coins only in demonstration. The demo economy does not reflect the ultimate economy.
  • Make sure you replace your spear wear before starting to change the color. Wearing the state affects how the colors look.
  • You will unblock multiple obstacles at level 12. If you played a VIP demo last weekend, you will have access to all four in vain!
  • Check your processing options after each mission. You may have nothing or nothing new, but you would like to at least check if you have a new ability that gives you the advantage of fighting.
  • Your jungle customization will be transferred between VIP demo and Open demo, but your customization and other progress will not be transferred to the final version of the game. Keep this in mind by unlocking items

Freeplay, Expeditions, and Combat Strategies[[[[edit]

  • When you start an expedition, you can choose from three difficulty levels. Try Normal before you start Hard if you don't play with the people you know.
  • During Freeplay you can see where other people look at the map.
  • Be sure to check out Freeplay! Of course, there are challenges that need to be tested in the world, but you want to harvest plants (they can be noticed by the shining white light that stretches from them) to get people and collect scraps. Both of these factors are important for crafting what you need to do to unlock more abilities and weapons
  • There are hidden chests all over the free space. You will find them under water and in caves.
  • Don't leave the "mission area" or unlocked free zone, or you will load it back at the border. It may seem like a strange tip, but loading can take a minute. Hightail it back if you see a statement!
  • Work with your teammates to target tough enemies before you work with the little ones, especially if you're playing hard
  • So try hard difficulty. You will have a great opportunity to get better drops. The triple threat expedition (the first thing you have to do) is quite disgraceful as far as waves of enemies are concerned, so we recommend trying Hard.
  • If you play solo missions, the key to success is on the move. You have a good chance that an enemy with a grenade or long distance will be able to surprise you if you stay in one place for too long.
  • That's what it says you can play missions solo. To do this, you will need to click on the bottom prompt at the bottom of the Expedition menu Privacy settings. If you use a controller, you will click on RS / R3. You can then choose to play privately, which means your session won't have queues for other players.
  • Find out what your spear specializes in. For example, Storm stands out in clearing waves, Colossus is great at capturing and eliminating big enemies, and Interceptors can get behind enemies at speed to reach critical points.
  • If the rest of your team is down and you are the last person to try to safely pull your enemies out of your team. Hide (over the cliff or behind a big one), wait until the enemies get close, then, as best as possible, fly back to your colleagues and try to revive at least one person. Then you two can divide the last two revivals.
  • Try not to leave back to the entrances. Sometimes the spawn points of the enemy will open behind you. This can be particularly deadly in a hard time.
  • Learn more about your spear Cortex and pay attention to training windows. There are nuances for each spear. For example, a storm is a stronger shield when it is lifted.
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