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An explosion pushes windows to the edge of southeastern Calgary

Thursday afternoon, during the milling of flour, southeast Calgary, bombs broke out.

The fires, EMU and the police reacted to the scene at noon. 18.45, at noon 4002 Bonnybrook Road S.E.

The police said the explosion took place on the 10th floor.

At that time, the building had seventeen workers, and all of them were shown.

No one was hurt.

"Security was a concern, so another item of alert was requested for this facility to get additional hardware and resources here to help us look for a building and make sure all workers are evacuated," said Batt Fire Brigade. Major Bruce Gelhorn.

Gelhorn said that in a small fire in a building in some areas after the bang, but at noon. 8:10 at it was controlled. It had minor damage, but a significant structural damage.

The sprinkler system triggered an explosion, Gelhorn said, helping to control the fire.

ADM Milling Co was listed at this address – the company's website says that its Calgary mill produces flour, bread mixes, bran and wheat germs.

Fire Department Batt. President Bruce Gelhorn said that after the collision with ADM Million Co. No one was hurt in the industrial area of ​​Calgary in the south-east. (Anis Heydari / CBC)

The cause of the fire is unknown, Gelhorn said.

"Investigators are now only starting an investigation, so it will probably take several hours before we know exactly which caused the explosion," he said shortly after. 8:00.

The explosion took place at ADM Filling Company in Calgary, South East Alyth / Bonnybrook / Manchester Industrial District. (Google Maps)

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